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EON: Robotic Laser Fat Reduction

Dr. Shaw and The SHAW Center is proud to be the first to offer EON in Arizona – the world’s first touch-less laser technology utilizing an intelligent robotic arm to deliver laser heat combined with hyper-jet skin cooling technology to heat fat below the skin’s surface while keeping you comfortable. The smart sensor technology maps out each patient’s body topography to deliver a targeted touch-less treatment. EON is currently FDA cleared for the abdomen and flanks and is safe for all skin types and skin tones.

Our extensive experience in non-invasive fat reduction makes the SHAW Center the best choice for non-surgical fat reduction in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Arizona which also includes CoolSculpting, Sculpsure, Emsculpt and more.

EON : How Does it Work?

EON utilizes laser technology to heat targeted fat cells, compromising their integrity and inducing apoptosis – programmed slow cell death (a process that is natural for cells). Once the targeted fat cells are destroyed, the body naturally cleans them up and flushes them out through the lymphatic system.

While laser technology is not new in the field of aesthetics, EON is special because it reaches higher temperatures in the targeted fat cells, thereby eliminating more fat cells, while keeping the surface of the skin cooler.  This is the highest temperature differential in the non-surgical fat reduction industry.

EON heats targeted fat cells uniformly up to 51°C (123.8°F) while proprietary cooling technology keeps skin cool and comfortable.

Targeted fat cells begin slow programmed cell death (apoptosis). The body naturally disposes of the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system.

Permanent fat reduction is achieved 12 weeks after treatment. Average patient experiences 6.3mm of permanent fat loss.


EON:  What Should I Expect During My Treatment

The EON treatment process takes approximately 40 minutes for both flanks or 1 hour if you are treating the entire abdomen which is much less time than with other non-surgical body contouring options. There are no application creams or gels necessary for the treatment.  Once you are finished you simply get dressed and you are done.

There is no downtime with EON and you can go back to your daily routine post treatment.

    • EON treatments are very comfortable.
      • Average pain score of 2.5 on an 11 point scale
        • 96% of patients recommend EON treatment

EON : What Results Can I expect?

The amount of fat loss is individual to each patient. According to the clinical studies, most patients lost an average of 21.6% body fat with just one treatment, and some patients experience up to 40%. More than 73% of patients showed at least 20% fat loss in their abdomen. *EON provides the largest single treatment fat reduction rate of any non-surgical body contouring technology on the market.

The following stats are from a study of a single EON treatment of the Abdomen

  • 6.3 mm average fat loss
  • 4.1 cm or 1.4 inches in circumference (equivalent to 2 belt loops)
  • 21.6% off the entire abdomen, 25.35 off the lower abdomen

EON – See The Results

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