AquaGold in Scottsdale


AquaGold Treatment in Scottsdale

Turn the clock back on your skin aging, quickly, and painlessly with NO downtime! The SHAW Center offers AquaGold Fine Touch micro channeling treatments to boost collagen production for skin rejuvenation using a personalized cocktail of vitamins, growth factors, BOTOX, and fillers to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, and improve your overall skin texture, giving you a flawless airbrushed look. AquaGold Fine Touch is a revolutionary and painless Microneedling device using 24 karat Gold needles. Your SHAW Center provider will personalize each AquaGold treatment to address your specific needs.


It’s a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure that involves a device containing fine needles that both stimulate your body’s collagen production and provide access deep into your skin. The 24 karat gold needles have micro channels allowing a personalized cocktail of dermal fillers, vitamins and neurotoxins to travel directly into the skin in a controlled manner. This effectively treats aging skin, stretch marks, smoker lines, wrinkles, and brown spots, while instantly moisturizing, plumping and rejuvenating your skin.

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