stars_5_yellow TestimonialsSection  My experience with Dr Shaw and his staff, has been nothing short of stellar, from my consultation, the day of surgery, and during my recovery. Dr. Shaw and his staff have been thoughtful and caring from beginning to my most recent visit yesterday. The results of my surgery are amazing. I had abdominoplasty 8 weeks ago, the results have been beyond my expectations, I am renewed! Gorgeous! My recovery flew by and even my pain was minimal during this short amount of time. The Experience from beginning to end has been amazing. Dr.Shaw performed a flawless surgery, and has demonstrated his dedication and expertise to his field. Dr. Shaw is truly gifted. I went to the best and I got the best!

    photo TestimonialsSection Suzie Sweeney

    yelp_stars_5 TestimonialsSection  The Shaw Center has changed my life! Suffering from hyperhidrosis since childhood, I have never felt comfortable wearing tight fitting shirts or colored clothing. Then Dr. Shaw spoke with me about Botox injections in my under arms to reduce sweating. I could not have imagined the results that I got! Mandy was meticulous during injections and used a variety of techniques that reduced my sensitivity during the treatment- which ended up being way less painful than I was expecting. I now feel confident to wear whatever I want! In my line of work I do a ton of public speaking and presentations and I finally feel like I can just be myself in front of a crowd. This treatment truly is a game changer! I am so grateful to Dr. Shaw and the whole team at The Shaw Center!!

    120s TestimonialsSection Alex M.

    yelp_stars_5 TestimonialsSection  I am VERY impressed with The Shaw Center.  I went in for Botox/Juvederm.  My concerns were frown lines & nasolabial folds(laugh lines) and wanted my lips touched up.  Evette performed the services and displayed thorough knowledge of all the injectables, how they work and anatomy of the face. What also impressed me was there was no high pressure to get a ton of injections which I've seen before.  To the contrary, her approach was "a little at a time". I requested a filler in the frown lines in addition to the Botox which she could easily have posted to my tab & she said that we wait a few weeks to see if a filler is needed and go from there.

    I am SO happy I found this place.  I was a little intimidated when I first walked in..it looked and felt highly expensive, almost pretentious.  But I was warmly welcomed, did not have a long wait & experienced a high degree of professionalism. I'm hooked! ...will keep going back and encourage anyone I know or meet, looking for these services, to do the same! 🙂

    120s TestimonialsSection Jennifer M.

    yelp_stars_5 TestimonialsSection  I had my breast augmentation done with Dr.shaw in 2006. I had a great experience then and still love my results. So I knew when I was ready for my Tummy tuck. It would be with Dr. Shaw. I'm 6 weeks post op and I'm very happy with my new tummy. My belly button is beautiful and looks very natural. My incision is pencil thin and very low!  I'm so grateful for the care that I was given by Dr. Shaw and his staff. I highly recommend Dr. Shaw. He is a gifted surgeon, honest, and confident. If you are considering elective surgery you want the best and I believe Dr. Shaw is the best and he wants his patients to be happy.  Thank you Dr. Shaw May God continue to bless you.

    user_60_square TestimonialsSection L R.