stars_5_yellow TestimonialsSection  My experience with Dr Shaw and his staff, has been nothing short of stellar, from my consultation, the day of surgery, and during my recovery. Dr. Shaw and his staff have been thoughtful and caring from beginning to my most recent visit yesterday. The results of my surgery are amazing. I had abdominoplasty 8 weeks ago, the results have been beyond my expectations, I am renewed! Gorgeous! My recovery flew by and even my pain was minimal during this short amount of time. The Experience from beginning to end has been amazing. Dr.Shaw performed a flawless surgery, and has demonstrated his dedication and expertise to his field. Dr. Shaw is truly gifted. I went to the best and I got the best!

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    yelp_stars_5 TestimonialsSection  The Shaw Center has changed my life! Suffering from hyperhidrosis since childhood, I have never felt comfortable wearing tight fitting shirts or colored clothing. Then Dr. Shaw spoke with me about Botox injections in my under arms to reduce sweating. I could not have imagined the results that I got! Mandy was meticulous during injections and used a variety of techniques that reduced my sensitivity during the treatment- which ended up being way less painful than I was expecting. I now feel confident to wear whatever I want! In my line of work I do a ton of public speaking and presentations and I finally feel like I can just be myself in front of a crowd. This treatment truly is a game changer! I am so grateful to Dr. Shaw and the whole team at The Shaw Center!!

    120s TestimonialsSection Alex M.

    yelp_stars_1 TestimonialsSection  Going to Shaw to perform my breast augmentation revision (and another surgery I ended up canceling right before the operation because of my awful gut feeling about him) was the costliest mistake I've ever made.  After being pregnant and nursing my son for two years, I was in dire need of a breast aug. revision.  I regrettably didn't do enough research and chose Shaw to perform the surgery.  To my horror, I ended up with the worst botch job I could've ever imagined.  Immediately after surgery my breasts were completely lumpy, extremely rippled, uneven and lopsided both in size and nipple placement, and VERY far apart (like the implants were in my armpits!).  Granted they weren't in the best shape before the surgery, but that is why I was paying for a revision...to correct and make them better.  I couldn't have been more depressed and upset when changing the bandages and seeing my deformed breasts for the first time.  To make matters worst, Dr. Shaw wasn't even at my post-op appointment! Never had I been told that he would be on vacation and not seeing me after my surgery.  I held back tears as the nurse assistant changed my bandages, briskly brushed off my concerns and sent me on my way.
    I ended up requesting an appt. the next week once Shaw was back in town.  He was extremely arrogant, basically refusing to acknowledge his shoddy job but when addressing all the things that were wrong (the different sizes on each side, rippling, etc.) told me, "don't worry, you can't even tell when you're in a swim suit...." And then referring to my cleavage says, "I mean, I'd look at it!".  He then contradicted himself telling me all the things that I was concerned about would get better over time (not true), and we could look again in 6 months about doing another surgery to try and improve things.  I left his office that day feeling utterly disgusted and upset.  
    During my two weeks off work "recovering" from Shaw's botch job, I did extensive research on actual competant surgeons to correct the work Shaw did.  THANK GOD, I found an actual competent and amazingly talented surgeon (Dr. Repta) who two months later I hired to perform another breast aug. revision surgery to correct Shaw's work.  Come to find out, Shaw put two completely different size implants in! No wonder my breasts looked like they were two different sizes...they were!  Dr. Repta's amazing skill as a surgeon thankfully ended my plastic surgery nightmare and I now have the beautiful results I should've had back when I paid Shaw to do it.  
    I hope leaving this honest review can at least make someone think twice about going to the Shaw Center for a cosmetic procedure.  Don't make the same costly and devastating mistake I did in trusting Shaw as your surgeon.  There are FAR better and more quality surgeons who truly do care about you as a patient.  The Shaw Center certainly doesn't! STAY FAR AWAY FROM HERE!!!

    120s TestimonialsSection Brittany K.

    yelp_stars_5 TestimonialsSection  I saw Dr Shaw for breast augmentation and had a wonderful experience and end result. My whole family has seen him for breast augmentations (mom, sister, cousin), and all of them have had similar 5-star experiences and results as well

    user_60_square TestimonialsSection Stefany M.