It’s that time of year! The weather has cooled down and the heaters have been cranked up at the cost of your skin. Don’t fear, minimally invasive procedures are here to help you look your best!

The 4 treatments below are a fantastic way to look rejuvenated and brighten your look this holiday- with minimal to no downtime!

Skin Rejuvenation

Cold weather can often dry out your skin, leaving it dull and looking a little more wrinkled. Improved skin texture and tone can be quickly achieved with a chemical peel in office, a microneedling procedure, a HydraFacial, or even a laser treatment like Clear + Brilliant.

The right treatment for you depends on your skin type, skin care goals, and downtime. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced aestheticians to find out which treatment is right for you.

Botulinum Toxin

Wrinkles caused by muscles around your eyes and forehead will respond well to neurotoxins like Botox, Dyspot, Xeomin, and Jeauveau. Just a few short days after your injections, you skin and wrinkles will look better.

Dermal Fillers

Deeper wrinkles in the lower face respond very well to dermal fillers. A quick injection by one of our nurse injectors will give you immediate results and should last for months (sometimes up to a year).

Common dermal filler brands include Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, and even your own fat. These dermal fillers all have different factors for placement- how long they last, the need for allergy testing, and what area you would like to treat. Talk to your injector about the best option for you.

Nonsurgical Fat Reduction

There are many nonsurgical fat reduction treatments available at The SHAW Center. We offer CoolSculpting, Sculpsure, EMSCULPT, Kybella, and Cryotherapy to help tone, sculpt, and reduce fat in your chin and body.

Kybella is a injectable that is injected under the chin to permanently melt fat- giving you a more contoured jaw line. Results are visible after the first treatment, and more than one treatment may be required depending on how much fat you have under your chin.

EMSculpt is the world’s only non surgical, non invasive treatment that simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat. The treatment uses focused electromagnetic energy to stimulate deep, supramaximal muscle contractions not possible through regular exercise. Your muscles get a super intense, targeted workout – and all you have to do it lie back and let the machine do the work!

CoolSculpting™is a revolutionary non-invasive procedure for men and women, developed by Harvard scientists, that freezes fat cells while leaving the overlying skin undamaged.The procedure is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to reduce fat in the treated area up to 20% in just one visit. CoolSculpting™ utilizes cold temperatures to target and damage fat cells in the treatment area. These damaged cells are then naturally disposed of by the body, leaving a more contoured look.

SculpSure is an FDA Cleared device to get rid of stubborn fat by using a warming technology that melts the fat cells while leaving the overlying skin undamaged. The damaged cells are naturally disposed of by the body and show a 24% decrease in fat reduction in the areas treated.

Some of these technologies for your body may not give you very fast results or may require slightly longer recovery time compared to skin care, injectable and other facial treatments. Make sure you get educated to make the right choice for your timeframe.