During the holiday season, weight gain is something millions of Americans face each year. Overeating too often and not exercising enough can easily add up. Even if weight gain is not dramatic, getting rid of the extra pounds can be a challenge and most people who gain weight between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve don’t lose the weight which adds up year after year.
So how do you prevent weight gain during the season of eating? Here are a few easy tricks to prevent holiday pounds:
1.    Keep treats out of the house: With sugary desserts everywhere you turn, temptation is at an all-time high. Even though there’s nothing you can do about goodies at parties or at the office, try to keep them out of your pantry to cut down on excess snacking. 

2.    Don’t drink your calories: When you go to a party, be conscious of what you are drinking. Although eggnog and other holiday-themed drinks are fun, many have 350 calories or more per glass. It’s ok to indulge a little, but try to stick to your regular drink choices and intake as much as possible.

3.    Be mindful about what your body needs: Getting enough rest between parties and maintaining your workout routine is crucial to keeping off extra pounds. If you plan on indulging at a party, up your workout efforts a bit to counterbalance what you eat and drink.

4.    Remember what the holidays are really about: This time of year is a great way to connect with family and friends. Although enjoying food is a part of celebration, it shouldn’t be the main focus. Put in an extra effort to get to know someone through conversation or hit the dance floor instead of sitting around the buffet. 

5.    Take time out for yourself: Between shopping, entertaining and a full schedule of events, make sure you are taking enough time to relax and do things to help you look and feel your best. If you’re worried about weight gain, counteract it with a non-invasive treatment like SculpSure to get rid of stubborn fat. Not only will you get a head start on your 2016 goals, taking care of yourself can also keep you motivated to stay on track, even with the added temptation.

Staying well hydrated is particularly important during the summer when it’s hot, hot, hot. But not everyone loves downing glass after glass of water. Sneak more water into your day with these easy tips.

Add a splash
If you find plain water boring, add just a splash of 100 percent fruit juice like orange or apple. You can also freeze the juice into ice cube trays and add them to your water for a splash of flavor without adding too many calories or too much sugar.
Lighten up
Did you know that fresh produce can consist of up to 90 percent water and can count toward your daily intake of H2O? Ditch heavy cold weather foods like stews for lighter fare like salads and juicy fruits like peaches, watermelon and berries.
Try tea
Tea has so many health benefits and can also add toward your daily tally of water. But premade teas can get pretty pricy. To save on this water alternative, invest in a good sun tea jar and make your own with a few of your favorite teabags (experiment with various flavors until you find one you love). Adding herbs like mint and slices of fruit while it soaks in the sun is another great way to add flavor without adding calories.
Get sparkly
If you’re used to sipping soda, the switch to water can be a bit drab. So try carbonated water (or soda water) instead in any flavor you like. Do not confuse soda water with tonic water, however, which can be chock full of calories.

Keep it up
Drinking your eight full glasses of water a day can seem laborious at first, but keep at it. Down a glass first thing in the morning, and try drinking a full glass before each meal (in addition to while you are eating). You will find that drinking more water has all kinds of benefits on your health. Curbing dehydration can ease headaches, help you sleep better and make you feel fuller without as much snacking (which can lead to nearly effortless weight loss!).

Spring has sprung – so take advantage of the beautiful weather before it gets too hot. Now is the perfect time to amp up your workout by taking it outdoors.

Go take a hike
Literally! The desert mountains surrounding our Valley offer fabulous trails for every skill level. Be prepared before you head out for a hike, however, and research the trails so you know what to expect. Don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen, wear a hat and protective shoes and bring plenty of water.
Park it
Our parks are not only great for kids but adults as well. Many feature exercise equipment right there on site along with instructions as to how to use each piece. Even if your local park doesn’t have specific exercise equipment, you can get a great workout just doing what your kids do – climbing the monkey bars, swinging and just plain running around. Do sprints in the grass and make up your own outdoors routine (jumping jacks, lunges, etc.) as your kids play.
Run, baby, run
You need little more than a pair of supportive running shoes to enjoy a fantastic jog around your neighborhood. Amp up your run by setting it to music with Pandora or the perfect playlist on your smartphone or iPod.
Take an outdoor class
Many fitness organizations offer outdoor classes this time of year. If you’re a new mom, check out Stroller Strides, where you can bring baby along in his stroller as you exercise, or check out an outdoor boot camp or yoga class.
Jump rope
If you are limited on time, jumping rope is an excellent way to tone your whole body in just minutes a day. Get a good quality jump rope from a sports store and set aside 10 to 15 minutes per day to “jump” into fitness!
Get up early
Take advantage of the cool mornings by getting up and doing your workout before work or the rest of your hectic day begins. Many find that working out in the morning is the best time to get it done and out of the way so they are not anticipating (or dreading!) it all day long.

With spring upon us, we encourage you to look and feel your best not just with the aid of cosmetic enhancement but also with natural and healthy changes you can do yourself.
1.     Drink lots of water. Even if you think you’re drinking plenty of water, chances are you can up your intake throughout the day. Drink a glass in the morning when you wake up, before each meal (in addition to during your meal) and before you have a snack as you may be confusing signs of thirst for signs of hunger.
2.     Avoid salt. Salt is hidden in even seemingly healthy foods like low-calorie soups. But salt can cause your body to retain water – resulting in a bloated look and feel. Just one teaspoon of table salt has an astounding 2,325 milligrams of sodium. Instead of flavoring your food with salt, try pepper, hot sauce or a squeeze of lemon.
3.     Get fresh. Springtime is the perfect time to stroll the farmers’ markets for local in-season produce. Get your hands on some fresh fruits and veggies and build a salad for a healthy lunch or dinner based on seasonal and delicious fresh foods.
4.     Avoid over-processed and packaged foods. Pre-packaged foods contain lots of unnecessary ingredients to help preserve their shelf life. Opt for natural choices. One trick – avoid the center aisles of your grocery store. The outer aisles contain the produce, meat/poultry/seafood and dairy while the internal aisles are stocked with bags of chips and boxes or crackers that can be diet saboteurs.
5.     Keep moving. Even if you can’t fit in a power session at the gym every day, take advantage of springs fabulous weather and get moving! Take a walk around the block, hike a nearby trail or ride your bike instead of getting in the car to tackle your errands. Get your whole family in on the activity by chasing them around the park, jumping rope together or playing a family game of soccer. Teaching your kids that being active is fun begins with you!

–>You may still be covered up in your winter wardrobe, but spring will be here before you know it. Are you ready for bikini weather? You could be with CoolSculpting at The SHAW Center.

You don’t have to settle for accepting parts of your body that you simply don’t like. CoolSculpting is an ideal procedure for those who have tried and tried through diet and exercise to eliminate unsightly parts of their bodies like saddlebags, muffin tops, love handles and back fat.
CoolSculpting is not just the latest in fat-reducing technology – it is backed by science and FDA approved. The body-contouring procedure, also known as Zeltiq, uses a method called cryolipolysis, which actually cools the adipose tissue just above the freezing point to induce lipolysis to permanently damage fat cells without harming others tissues around those cells. The process tricks the body into thinking that the fat has been melted and thus is begins to eliminate it through the natural metabolic process.
CoolSculpting is a non-evasive procedure with no pain and little downtime involved. Over the weeks after the procedure is done, you will begin to see your body change as the fat literally gets melted away and the inflammatory mediators called cytokines are released and remaining fat cells condense down. Some results – up to one centimeter with a single treatment – can be seen immediately.
If you want to walk proudly on the beach this spring and summer, what are you waiting for? CoolScuplting is just the procedure to take your body to the next level so you can feel as confident and beautiful as you should.
Our team has the expertise and professionalism to help you determine the best procedure for you to obtain your ideal body shape. Make an appointment with us today for a consultation to discuss your desires and watch your dreams come true!

Don’t let the holidays sabotage your slim physique

If you’ve recently taken advantage of some CoolSculpting of other body slimming treatments at The Shaw Center, the upcoming food-centric holidays can be a bit daunting. Take these tips into consideration all season long.
Snack before a party
Never go to a cocktail party on an empty stomach. You’ll end up over indulging on passed appetizers or booze. Snack smart before you head out the door and keep some almonds or an apple in your bag that you can nosh on in the car if you are on the go from party to party.
Stick to your exercise routine
During the hectic holiday season, it’s easy to let your work outs fall by the wayside. But remember: It’s much easier to maintain a routine than restart one! Even if you can only get to the gym for 30 minutes at a time or you only have time for a quick walk around the block before heading to work or the mall to finish up some holiday shopping, pencil it in.
Just say no
No doubt you’ll be offered sugar cookies, a slice of pie after dinner or a second serving of Christmas ham at some point over the holidays. And though it’s okay to indulge a little so you don’t deprive yourself, you should also know when to say when. Rely on your will power to pass on some of those excess holiday treats. Your body will thank you!
Remember the past
If you’ve slimmed down dramatically thanks to treatments from The Shaw Center, take a minute to look back on how far you’ve come and how your new figure has changed your confidence. The temptation to dig into a holiday feast is temporary, but your fabulous physique will be with you for a long time if you treat it right!
Visit our CoolSculpting site for more slimming information: http://www.coolsculptingscottsdale.com


We encourage women to appreciate their post-baby bodies, but if you’re unhappy with your new figure, consider a mommy makeover.
What is a “Mommy makeover”?
A “Mommy Makeover” refers to light cosmetic enhancements designed to return mom to her pre-baby body, not to completely overhaul her image. Most often, the Mommy Makeover includes breast augmentation and a tummy tuck – the areas of a woman’s body most affected by pregnancy and nursing.
Should you get a Mommy Makeover?
Are you genuinely unhappy with your body or are you considering a Mommy Makeover to fit into someone else’s idea of what your body should look like? Your partner should love your body more than ever – after all that body is the one that brought his child(ren) into this world.
Are you relying on a Mommy Makeover to boost your body image issues?
Many new moms have a hard time adjusting to their post-baby bodies. However, we advise that you really consider why you’re unhappy with your body and whether a Mommy Makeover really will fix the issue. Instead of looking at your body as “it will never be the same” consider stretch marks, C-section scars and other changes in your body as badges of honor – those earned by you, Mom, as you brought your babies into this world. If you’re confident in your body image but just would like to enhance your features to the way they were, a Mommy Makeover could be just the thing for you.
Have you tried to regain your pre-baby body “the old fashioned way” or are you looking for a quick fix?
A Mommy Makeover is a wonderful solution for women who have stubborn fat parts of their body that they simply cannot sculpt to their liking no matter how much they work out. In this case, a Mommy Makeover could be perfect.
Before making any decisions about cosmetic surgery, make a consultation appointment with our team to discuss your concerns and hopes.

–> Ahhh the holidays are rapidly approaching. With them come endless holiday party invitations and reuniting with family and old friends (all for which you’ll want to look perfect in those little black dresses). If you’re having trouble shedding stubborn extra pounds before the holidays approach, consider CoolSculpting to zap that fat!

What is CoolSculpting?
Also known as Zeltiq, CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved non-invasive procedure used to reduce stubborn fat from areas it commonly accumulates such as the waist (good-bye love handles!), hips, upper and lower abdomen, bra line and mid-back.
How does it work?
This body-contouring technique uses a method called cryolipolysis, which cools the adipose tissue just above freezing to induce the process of lipolysis. Lipolysis permanently damages fat cells without causing harm to surrounding tissues.
The process allows the body to believe the fat has been melted, and it begins to naturally eliminate it over time via the metabolic process.
Once the fat cells have been targeted by the CoolSculpting process, they will begin apoptosis, meaning controlled cell death, leading to a release of inflammatory cells like cytokines.
These inflammatory cells digest the “dead” fat cells and the lipids from them as metabolized much like any food fat in the body. They move to the lymphatic system and are processed out of the body. As this process occurs, the surrounding area shrinks (yay!), leaving your body slimmer and more contoured.
The process is not entirely immediate. While some shrinkage can occur (up to one centimeter in a single treatment!) immediately, the body’s elimination process of the fat cells takes a few months. So don’t wait until the day before that all-important holiday party to have CoolSculpting done – now’s the time.
Who’s it for?
CoolSculpting is for men and women who want to rid their bodies of excess stubborn fat. The best part for busy clients is there is no downtime for recovery after the procedure. Patients can return to their normal activities right after the procedure. Oh, another bonus? It’s pain free.
If you have questions regarding the CoolSculpting procedure, make an appointment to discuss your options with our team today.


Say Hello to CoolSculpting®


It’s called stubborn fat for a reason: no matter how much you eat healthy and exercise, it’s virtually impossible to lose those annoying muffin tops, love handles, and belly pooch. You’re left with two options: live with them or think surgery. Neither is cool by us. That’s exactly why we developed CoolSculpting. Only CoolSculpting targets fat cells alone, eliminating them in an easy, non-intrusive fashion that exercise and diet can’t achieve as quickly or as effectively.


Procedures that use laser, sonic waves and even surgery to remove fat can actually destroy other tissue in the process by burning, shattering or extracting non-fat cells. This requires downtime for your body to heal. Totally uncool. Fortunately, CoolSculpting doesn’t burn, shatter or extract any cells. Developed by Harvard scientists, our unique, FDA-cleared, patented procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells are frozen. Your healthy skin cells remain, well, healthy. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. In a few months, boom: say hello to a new you.


Unlike a lot of other procedures, CoolSculpting takes very little time and is pretty simple to fit into your daily life. After your CoolSculpting treatment you can typically get right back to your busy day. Each treatment lasts one hour – the same time you might spend at the gym. So you can easily fit your appointment into a lunch break.
After one visit, you’ll typically see a noticeable reduction of fat. It takes a few months to fully realize the effects, mainly because it takes that long for your body to naturally dispose of the fat cells. And yes, you can lose even more with additional appointments if you and your doctor deem it necessary.
So after a few months, your clothes will fit better and you will look better. What’s more, there are no pills or supplements. And as long as you maintain your normal diet and exercise, your long-term results should remain stable. Hello, you again. How cool is that?
Read more here: http://www.coolsculpting.com/how-it-works