In days not too long ago, many people regarded cosmetic surgery as an expensive exercise in vanity. Now, in an age when people are living longer than ever before, and remaining in the work force longer, the question of vanity goes out the window. Consider this: for the first time in history, women are living long past their child-bearing years. Not only that, they are expecting to have happy, vibrant lives. No longer relegated to being only grandma, and waiting to die, woman feel it is their right to be as attractive as they can be, well into their 60’s and 70’s. If that involves cosmetic surgery, well then, they are worth it. 
The attitude regarding “surgery vs. vanity” has changed drastically for men, as well.  More men are availing themselves of a variety of procedures as a way to boost the odds of getting and keeping good jobs. With competition for jobs increasing for both sexes, the issue goes far beyond vanity – it’s become an economic necessity.
Sometimes the decision regarding the “worth” of surgery, or of “surgery vs. vanity,” is easier to make if you equate the care and maintenance of your appearance to the maintenance of a piece of property. What would you think of the owners of property who allow it to become ramshackle? The doors and windows are sagging, the stairs are chipped, the whole place looks neglected and out-of-date? You wouldn’t think much of them. Why would you give your own appearance any less attention than a piece of property? You wouldn’t. You shouldn’t. You don’t have to.
One of the more popular, least invasive, appearance enhancing procedures done at the SHAW Center is the SmartLipo Necklift. For both sexes, the first sign of aging is a “double chin”. Fat accumulates around the neck and jaw, pulling down the entire face. 
According to Dr. Shaw, “SmartLipo actually has the ability to tighten the skin by heating the dermis from the underside and causing contraction.” Dramatic results can be obtained in one procedure, erasing years off the faces of happy men and women. 
Don’t let doubts, uncertainties and too much worry about the opinions of others hinder your decision to update your look. There are so many new procedures available to improve your appearance. Dr. Lawrence Shaw and the SHAW Center invite you to call us for a consultation.


We encourage women to appreciate their post-baby bodies, but if you’re unhappy with your new figure, consider a mommy makeover.
What is a “Mommy makeover”?
A “Mommy Makeover” refers to light cosmetic enhancements designed to return mom to her pre-baby body, not to completely overhaul her image. Most often, the Mommy Makeover includes breast augmentation and a tummy tuck – the areas of a woman’s body most affected by pregnancy and nursing.
Should you get a Mommy Makeover?
Are you genuinely unhappy with your body or are you considering a Mommy Makeover to fit into someone else’s idea of what your body should look like? Your partner should love your body more than ever – after all that body is the one that brought his child(ren) into this world.
Are you relying on a Mommy Makeover to boost your body image issues?
Many new moms have a hard time adjusting to their post-baby bodies. However, we advise that you really consider why you’re unhappy with your body and whether a Mommy Makeover really will fix the issue. Instead of looking at your body as “it will never be the same” consider stretch marks, C-section scars and other changes in your body as badges of honor – those earned by you, Mom, as you brought your babies into this world. If you’re confident in your body image but just would like to enhance your features to the way they were, a Mommy Makeover could be just the thing for you.
Have you tried to regain your pre-baby body “the old fashioned way” or are you looking for a quick fix?
A Mommy Makeover is a wonderful solution for women who have stubborn fat parts of their body that they simply cannot sculpt to their liking no matter how much they work out. In this case, a Mommy Makeover could be perfect.
Before making any decisions about cosmetic surgery, make a consultation appointment with our team to discuss your concerns and hopes.

Whether it’s due to aging or genetics, the double chin is a cosmetic concern that plagues many. “Patients usually dislike their side profile or feel they are too full from the front,” says Dr. Lawrence Shaw, founder and principal at The SHAW Center in Scottsdale. “The concern is usually about fullness with or without sagging or laxity.”
double chin woman
Of course, as with any cosmetic issue, weighing one’s options is key. “Someone who is a board certified plastic surgeon or well trained in facial plastic surgery is best apt to diagnose the problem and suggest the best solution,” Dr. Shaw says.
When it comes to transforming one’s chins (plural) to a singular chin, there are a number of cosmetic procedures in a plastic surgeon’s arsenal. Here, Dr. Shaw explains the procedures and practices that are most effective in the battle against the neck bulge.
1. Liposuction
Touted for its sliming and reshaping capabilities, liposuction has proved an effective option for persistent fat pockets in the neck—known to most as the dreaded double chin. “In liposuction, we are just going after the fat that causes fullness under the chin,” Dr. Shaw says. Simple liposuction to the submental area (below the chin) is done through a very small incision and fat is removed from the submental and submandibular (lower jaw) regions creating a more defined jawline.
2. Laser Lipolysis (SmartLipo)
Different than traditional liposuction, SmartLipo (or Laser Lipolysis) does not involve suctioning of fat, but rather a laser to melt fat. Dr. Shaw utilizes an upgraded SmartLipo MPX device that has two laser wavelengths, one for melting fat and the other for tightening the skin. “Smart Lipo actually has the ability to tighten the skin by heating the dermis from the underside and causing contraction,” Dr. Shaw says. A large perk of Smart Lipo is minimal scarring as the entire procedure is completed through a one-millimeter incision. SmartLipo is often combined with liposuction to enhance the result. Pictured below is an actual patient of The Shaw Center, who underwent only a single SmartLipo procedure.
before and after 1
3. Ulthera (Ultrasound)
An in-office option for patients who exhibit mild laxity of the skin is ultrasound therapy. One form of ultrasound therapy is Ulthera, a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that tightens and enhances collagen build up over a two to three month time period. Though not a replacement for surgery, these types of transdermal therapies can prove beneficial for very mild cases.
4. ReFirme
Another non-invasive option for those seeing to firm up the neck region is ReFirme. Based on the concept that heat causes contractions and, in turn, tightening, ReFirme uses radio frequency and light energy to heat dermal tissue in specific treatment areas. The virtually painless procedure can help to achieve a more youthful and lifted jaw line. The SHAW Center often combines ReFirme with Photofacial (Intense Pulse Light) and a light Laser Peel, in a single treatment, for impressive results.
5. Surgical Options
“In those with moderate to severe laxity of the neck, cosmetic facial surgery may be indicated to get the tight, toned jaw lines exemplary of youth,” Dr. Shaw says. Sometimes a poor neckline is due to separated platysma muscles, which create those bands running down from your chin. There is often fat beneath these muscles as well. A
Platysmaplasty procedure involves the direct excision of this fat and sewing the muscles together like a corset with redistribution of the neck skin.
Complete Facelift can be performed when laxity of the neck is combined with facial laxity as well. “By doing a complete facelift, I am able to lift the skin and muscles of the face and neck at the same time,” explains Dr. Shaw.6. Chin Augmentation
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin augmentations grew by 71 percent from 2010 to 2011, making them the fastest-growing procedure in cosmetic surgery. Through the use of chin implants, or prosthesis, plastic surgeons can create the contour and definition that come with a sharper jaw line. “[Chin implants] come in different shapes and sizes,” Dr. Shaw says. “I use an extended anatomical implant that actually wraps around the mandible (jaw) that enhances the contour of the neck and the profile.” Chin augmentations can be used in concert with other surgical neck procedures.
7. Fat-Dissolving Injectables
Fat-dissolving injectables could prove to be another method for reducing volume under the chin. Currently in development is ATX-101, an injectable that is being specifically tested for the dissolution of pockets of submental (under the chin) fat. “[The medical research industry] is not there yet, but hopefully there will be something in the near future that we can inject to reduce the fat in this area,” Dr. Shaw says.
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7 Ways to Diminish the Double Chin
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