Everyone loves the look of dark, thick, long lashes. But not everyone has them or can even achieve them through mascara and eyeliner.
Luckily, there are now various products available that allow people to grow eyelashes, eliminating the need for mascara or eyelash extensions.
Latisse – You may have seen celebrities like Brooke Shields and Claire Danes advertising the amazing results of a product called Latisse.
Latisse offers users long-lasting results with their eyelash treatment and promises full, thick lashes that won’t dry out, become brittle and fall out.
Latisse was the first eyelash treatment to be approved and proven effective by the Food and Drug Administration and remains the only one. It is available by prescription only from your cosmetic enhancement professional.
LiLash – LiLash is considered to be the world’s most powerful and fastest-acting eyelash conditioner. The product has been proven to lengthen lashes naturally in four to six weeks.
LiLash is a non-irritating active lash conditioner that you can apply yourself. For the first four applications, you will apply one thin coat at the base of the lashes in the morning every other day. Wait two to three minutes for it to dry then apply your eye makeup and mascara as normal.
After the initial applications, users can apply the product once a day for four to six weeks. Sometimes results can be seen within three to four weeks, sometimes eight to 12 weeks.
LiLash promises visibly longer lashes. Once you achieve the lash length you desire, you can cut back the applications to one to three times per week to maintain that desired length. Maintenance of the product is important. Once you stop using LiLash, your lashes will grow back at their normal rate.

With these two lash-enhancing products available at The SHAW Center, you can have visibly longer, thicker lashes without batting an eye.

–> Man or woman – everyone loves the look of a full luscious head of hair. Don’t settle for less than luxurious locks due to hair loss, damage or breakage! Regain a fabulous head of hair at The SHAW Center Hair Loss Clinic.

The SHAW Center offers several options for stopping hair loss and re-growing hair. Men and women with male/female pattern hair loss, thinning hair, broken and damaged hair or alopecia areata/traction alopecia and others can greatly benefit from the SHAW Center’s hair loss treatment programs.
One of the options clients can consider is low-level laser therapy, which is administered to the scalp to improve the health of your current hair as well as stimulate new hair growth without breaking the skin. The treatment stimulates the blood supply in the scalp with a wavelength of light, resulting in enhanced cell activity and allowing for more nutrients to reach the hair follicles thus improving hair growth.
For those who prefer an in-home DIY treatment for hair restoration, The SHAW Center offers home laser hair therapy devices, like the “laser comb” or the 90-laser diode portable dome. Both of these treatment options administer phototherapy to the scalp, enhancing the results of in-office laser treatments.
The SHAW Center proudly offers an innovative line of hair loss treatment products designed to improve all types of hair loss conditions, like the ones mentioned above.
The line is the only no-prescription drug/medication treatment that is FDA-approved for hair growth. The line of products has shown effectively re-growing hair of more than 19 new terminal hairs her square centimeter as well as stopping the progression of hair loss in 85 percent of patients.
If you’ve noticed hair loss or damage, don’t wait until it’s too late! Visit one of the experts at the SHAW Center Hair Loss Clinic to discuss the best options for you. Imagine yourself with a luscious full head of hair again!