While it seems that just in recent years the kombucha trend has exploded, it’s actually an age-old drink that has been around for centuries in many cultures. This fermented tea drink not only offers a unique flavor but also a variety of health benefits, including digestion, immune support, detoxification, liver support and weight loss.

 Power Up Your Immune System
This magic tea is rich in antioxidants that help to support your immune system. Because it contains a compound called D-saccharic acid-1, which is not present in unfermented teas, it can actually aid in cellular detoxification.

Your Liver’s New Bestfriend
The liver is one of the only organs that can regenerate itself, as well as naturally help to detoxify your body. Kombucha is packed with Glucaric acid, which benefits the liver and its detoxification process. 

This liquid vitamin is full of probiotics, enzymes and beneficial acids that can all help with digestion and assimilating food more easily. Some research has even lead to the beliefs that kombucha can actually prevent and heal stomach ulcers.

Ditch The Coffee
Kombucha can give you an added boost of energy without all that concentrated caffeine. This is because iron is developed during the fermentation process and it also contains b-vitamins that supplement this energy kick.

There’s a reason the ancient Chinese referred to this cocktail as the “Immortal Health Elixir,” and now you can sip and sharpen your health all at the same time.

You’ve been advised against wearing makeup while working out as long as you’ve had your gym membership. This being that it can clog your pores, which will ultimately lead to break outs and irritated skin. And forget the mascara, unless you have super human qualities that prevent it from running during a sweat sesh.  After all, the goal is to lose weight, not appeal.
However, there are exceptions when you’ve made plans to grab a glass of wine after spin class or have to head to work post workout. There are solutions to maintaining your face in both a simplistic and effective way for these occasions.
Tinted Moisturizer
Opt for an oil-free formula with light to medium coverage. A tinted moisturizer accomplishes a more even complexion than your natural state, but it’s still not as heavy as a regular concealer or foundation.
Waterproof Mascara
Regular mascara might be overly ambitious and even unrealistic, but waterproof makes the world of difference. Try curling them to avoid having them hit the underneath part of your eye during circuits.
Tinted Lip Balm
Just because you’re saving the statement lip for the club doesn’t mean you have to entirely forego flirting with color. Try a tinted balm that will help to not only keep your pout hydrated but accentuated.  Go for a light shade with a shear base to achieve an effortless look.
Having well-groomed eyebrows can really perk up your appearance. Brush them out and use minimal shadow if you tend to fill them in. Setting them with an eyebrow gel is recommended to avoid having them rebel during cardio.

How great would it be if you could bring along a personal trainer and nutritionist with you everywhere you went? Someone who would encourage you to eat healthy and to motivate you to get active without having to deal with the gym membership? Well, that’s not out of the total realm of possibility with the help of these must-have fitness and health apps! Your phone is something you have on you at all times, so why not integrate your fitness regime into it in order to ensure that your health is also a daily accessory.
Don’t just use your camera for selfies, but instead utilize it as your personal trainer. While you watch fitness videos on your phone, the Fitnep app uses your camera to track how well you’re doing. Additionally, it will give you real-time feedback so that you can make the necessary adjustments.
This app will definitely put some pep in your step! Spring creates fitness playlists that are consistent and upbeat so that all you have to do is make sure you keep up with the beat of the track. Because let’s be real, there’s nothing worse than losing your momentum because a Coldplay song cuts in on your run.
This geolocation genius is the ideal solution for spicing up your workout routine. Having a gym membership is great, but MINDBODY Connect allows you to discover different types of fitness classes happening around you so that you can potentially just drop in!
This mindful meal app helps you stay disciplined without having to ignore your appetite. Eating out is sometimes inevitable, and this app will help you locate nearby restaurant dishes and prepared grocery items that are healthy without compromising your cravings.
Fooducate allows you to eat and shop healthy by quickly pulling nutritional information about certain foods by using barcodes. Not the best option? That’s okay because this app will make sure to provide you with a healthy alternative suggestion! It doesn’t get much better than that.


Getting in shape with your sweetheart can help to raise your heart rate through both cardio and connection. Working out produces endorphins, and endorphins evokes positive feelings so when you exercise together you’re almost guaranteed to boost your relationship’s mood.  And while cuddling up to Netflix or sleeping in until the last possible alarm together is tempting, finding the motivation to get active as a couple can be extremely rewarding. Don’t let your love life derail your plans to get fit, but instead turn it into a date.
Cardio Chemistry
Find your common ground.  So you’re a runner and your partner’s a yogi. There’s no need to give up what you love in order to accommodate for his or her preferred fitness system, but you can still be open-minded. Take a class with them to try it out, and who knows; you may find yourself loving warrior pose. 
Plan It Out
It’s inevitable that your schedules will be different, so find a time that works best for both of you. Each of you set an alarm before work, and know what your gym routine will be before you get there. Making sure that it’s an even mix of what you may like and what they prefer will ensure a balanced and cohesive sesh.
Date Night with Dumbbells
Treat going to the gym like it’s dinner and a movie. Just because you’re wearing Nikes and not lipstick doesn’t mean there  still won’t be quality time. Try to stick together on the treadmill, and ditch the ear buds. Taking breaks is also okay and will give you time to talk and discuss what’s working and what’s not.
Need A Spot?
Working out solo is probably what you’re used to, but partner exercises can also be fun and beneficial.  So partner up, and test out your wheelbarrow push-ups or resistance band combos. Plus, it’s much easier when you have someone there to count for you and encourage you to get through those last couple of reps.
Two Is Better Than One
Make it a point to plan an Acai bowl run post workout or wind down together by meal prepping for the week. Working out together will also make it easier to eat healthy and support one another in making the right choices. Next time you’re thinking about packing your gym bag, extend the invite to your other half!

We’ve all been asked that age-old question, “If you were stranded on a desert island what would you bring?” Now imagine that this desert island is full of Epicor fitness equipment and requires a membership, then what?  It’s not easy deciding what to bring along with you to the gym, but there are a few essential items that should be considered next time you’re packing your gym bag. Squats are hard, but this is easy!
Dry Shampoo
Unless you’re workout Barbie, chances are you need to take the time to freshen up post workout in order to continue taking on your day. In regards to reality, sometimes showering just isn’t an option due to time constraints. That’s why dry shampoo is, or should be, your new best friend. A few sprits of this and a somewhat dramatic, but super fabulous hair flip should do the trick! You’ll keep your coworkers guessing how you can manage such a fit body and still have time to primp.
Nike+ Fuel Band
This little black (or pink depending on how fashion forward you’re trying to be for the gym) bracelet will be your constant reminder and main means of motivation. It not only tracks your every step, but shows you just how many calories you burn throughout the day. It’s so subtle that you’ll forget you’re even wearing it until you look down at the stats and see just how awesome you are!
Oil Absorbing Pads
Your lean body should show off your efforts at the gym, not your shiny skin. Try using a fragrance-free blotting pad to remove perspiration and to avoid potential breakouts from using your hands or towel. The SHAW Center also offers a variety of different exfoliating treatments, including microdermabrasion, that can aid in skin restoration if the gym is in fact taking a toll on your complexion.
The SmartShake takes on the form of a regular water bottle, but it is much, much more! Its compartments allow for you to store several different servings of nutritional supplements, such as protein, vitamins and capsules that you can keep to consume throughout the day.  Looking good after the gym is important, but feeling good is the key!
BB Cream and Moisturizer
This essential is the perfect no-makeup makeup and will help to keep skin moisturized long after your workout. This lightweight alternative will help to reduce any redness and/or blemishes that can be enhanced during cardio. Before application, for the perfect moisturizing cocktail, you can apply a regular moisturizer. The SHAW Center’s SkinCeuticals  line is both ultra-hydrating and rejuvenating.
All of these necessities will help to lift any weight off your shoulders, both literally and figuratively!

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful processes a woman can experience. Not only does it heighten your senses, bolster your self-confidence and gift you with glow, but it can improve your overall health too.
While post-pregnancy can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be difficult to find even just five minutes out of your busy mommy schedule to take care of yourself. Your body goes through immense changes during pregnancy, most of which can benefit both you and the baby. However, some of these changes can also have adverse effects once you’ve given birth.
Your skin’s elasticity improves while you’re carrying, but this can also leave behind spider veins, loose skin and weakened abdominal muscles. You may also notice a change in your breasts as they begin to sag. This is all normal but it doesn’t mean you have to live with it.
“Fit”ting it into your day
Finding an effective workout routine is step one. The general rule of thumb is to begin your fitness plan six weeks after giving birth. Working kegelsinto your series is imperative in improving and repairing your pelvic muscles and planks and crunches will target that hard to target tummy fat. Factoring these workouts into your every-day routine will only take up a small but well-deserved time out of your day.
And of course there’s always stealing some time away to head to the spa for a much-needed day of rest and relaxation!
There are lots of post-pregnancy fitness and beauty regimes you can adopt, and these can all be supplemented with our body sculpting procedure. Dr. Shaw understands the sacrifice women make with their bodies throughout pregnancy, and he also comprehends that returning your body to its original state, if not enhancing it, is also important.
Dr. Shaw’s “Beauty after Baby” procedure can include liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation and/or lift, labiaplasty and spider vein therapy. These self-image enhancers will not only restore your vitality but will also give you the added confidence boost to take on being a super mom. Who says you can’t also look good pushing a stroller?


            It’s no secret that the holidays tend to be the season of socializing and eating, which can lead to weight gain.  Although it can be tough to say no to a second serving or walk past the dessert display, prevent the excess pounds by utilizing some of our tips and tricks to get you through the holiday season and come out on top.
            Everyone knows that portion control is key in your daily diet and the holidays are no different.  Although decadent desserts and bread rolls at parties and Thanksgiving dinner will most likely taunt you, don’t completely deprive yourself.  If you know that you’ll be aiming for a piece of pie after dinner or a bread roll with your meal, ensure that the majority of your dinner consists of vegetables to make up for it.  If you load up on vegetables during dinner, you’ll probably be pretty full and eat less for dessert as well.
            If you have friends or family that are visiting whom you haven’t seen in a while, use alternative methods to catch up opposed to going to lunch or dinner together.  Opt for a hike or some type of exercise, possibly a walk to a neighborhood coffee spot that’s near you.  Speaking of remaining active, we understand that the holidays can be a busy time of year that leaves little time in your day for a work out.  Even if you have 20-30 minutes for a quick activity, push yourself during your work out to make it worth your while. 
            Your holidays will more often than not be centered around cocktails, which can add excessive calories on top of food consumption.  If your favorite drink is high in calories, indulge in one and then swap out high caloric mixers with something slimmer such as club soda or tonic water.  It’s not a bad idea to drink a glass of water in between each cocktail in order to remain hydrated and avoid cravings.
            Between gift giving and hosting friends and families, the holidays can be a stressful time.  Make sure to set time aside for yourself for some pampering such as a bubble bath, personal face mask, painting your nails or all the above.  This will help keep your stress levels down and you can opt for “me” time over baking or snacking on things.     
Fitness bands have been hot on the market with designers like Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff jumping on the fit wagon.  Since they’ve become so popular there are many out there to choose from with various tracking abilities.  We’ve weighed the pros and cons of some of the most sought-after bands to find the best one for you.
Basis B1 Band: First off, the stainless steel band on this tracker gives it an edge that doesn’t make it look like a standard band.  Aside from its sleek look, this band features a built-in heart rate monitor.  The app accompanying this device motivates you to enhance yourself through “Habits,” and slowly increases your goals as you meet each one.  Although this band collects and demonstrates an array of data, automatically keeps track of your sleep and measures your heart rate, some users complain that it’s a tad bulky and its shortfall is that it doesn’t feature an alarm clock.   
Fitbit Flex: This relatively slim band tracks your steps, distance and calories burned throughout the day and records your sleep quality at night.  The band also wakes you up in the morning.  You can check the lights on the band throughout the day to see where you’re at in relation to your personal goal.  The major plus for this band is that Tory Burch collaborated with them to design a stylish pendant, a metal hinged bracelet and silicone printed bracelets.  Users report that some downsides include that it doesn’t track stationary exercise such as biking.     
Jawbone Up: This band is pretty slim in comparison to the majority, which makes it comfortable to wear at night in order to track your sleep.  The corresponding app demonstrates your sleep patterns as well as what time you were in heavy and light sleep and features an alarm that lightly vibrates when you’re in light sleep to wake you up.  The app also allows you to track your food and shows your amount of steps per day as well as when you were the most active. If you purchase the Bluetooth band, it will sync wirelessly.  The only cons people report are that it’s one of the priciest of all the bands, only works with iOS and there is no display on the physical band.
Moov: This is one of the more innovative bands and is rated as one of the best trackers for exercise.  Its 3D motion sensors and Siri-type voice train and mentor you through activities such as running, walking, and boxing workouts ensuring that you’re performing the exercise properly to reap the benefits.  This band can be placed almost anywhere on your body and the accompanying app allows you to save your workout information to reflect back on.  Although this band is easy to use, users report that there aren’t enough apps to track various exercises and it can only be used with iOS.
Nike+ FuelBand SE: The latest Nike+ FuelBand features enhanced battery life, allowing users to charge it about every 8 days.  Nike+ is the app that syncs with the band and has features such as the ability to group your friends in different categories, connects to your Facebook friends list, and reminders to help you remain active throughout the day.  This is another band that only works with iOS and users remark that the sleep-monitoring feature is useless.

            Not everyone’s body type is the same so why should your workouts be?  It’s necessary for certain body types to target different muscles in order to receive the best results for your body.  In honor of National Women’s Health and Fitness Day on September 24, we’ve broken down the best workouts for different body types.
Pear Shaped: Those of you that have a wider bottom than top can reap the benefits of this workout by toning your arms and shoulders as well as strengthening the rest of your body.  Try out the “Hundred on the Ball” from Women’s Health.  Lie on your back and place your arms by your sides.  Bend your knees at 90 degrees and place your calves on top of a fitness ball.  Lift your head and shoulders off the ground but ensure that your head, neck and shoulders are relaxed.  Breathe in and out 5 times and then rest your head.  Repeat 10 times for 1 rep.  While your head is off the ground, pulse your arms up and down with your palms facing down.  Repeat this for 10 reps with 100 breaths per rep.    
Athletic: If you have broad shoulders and a slender waist, try this alternative take to squats in order to strengthen your tummy and enhance your booty and thighs.  Start with your feet hip-width apart and place your arms in front of you.  Bend your knees so your body sits at a 45 to 90 degree angle ensuring that your knees are not over your toes.  As you return to a standing position, rotate your torso to the right along with your arms.  Bring your arms to the center for another squat and as you come up rotate to the left.  This is considered one rep; it’s recommended to do 10 to 12.  If you are seeking more of a challenge, do the same exercise while holding a medicine ball. 
Curvy: Women with a bust and hips that are larger than their waist are considered curvy and tend to lack overall muscle tone.  Utilize this workout to build muscle and tone arms and legs.  Begin in a side plank on your right side with your elbow on the floor right under your shoulder.  Place your right foot in front of your left.  Extend your left arm above your head so your bicep is directly above your ear with your palm facing the floor.  Point your arm towards the floor while simultaneously raising your hips.  Repeat this movement on your right side for 8 to 10 reps and then switch and repeat on your left side. 
Straight or Boyish Shaped: If you lack any sort of curves, help build a shape to your waist and sculpt your glutes with this workout.  Start with your feet hip-width apart.  Hold a set of dumbbells at your shoulders, bending your elbows out to the sides with your palms facing forward.  Take a large step forward with your right foot into a squatting position so your knees reach a 90-degree angle, make sure your knees don’t over extend and are aligned with your ankle.  Straighten your right leg and come to a stand and then bring your left knee forward in front of your hips so you are just standing on your right leg while holding the weights up to the ceiling.  Repeat this on your other leg and do 10 to 12 reps per leg.       
            Bikini season is right around the corner, are you beach body ready?  In order to help you achieve the ideal figure this summer, we have compiled a list of foods that will help you not only build muscle but lose fat as well. 
            In order to create muscle and reduce fat, it is important to consume an assortment of proteins, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and nutritious fats.  Consuming protein aids in forming and preserving muscle while helping fat loss.  Eating healthy fats also aids in fat loss because your body hangs on to fat if you don’t consume any.  Carbohydrates provide your muscles with nourishment while fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that are needed to recuperate from workouts. 
            Whole eggs are a great source of protein, containing 7 grams per egg.  Fish oil aids in reducing body fat, although it is recommended you get 9000mg per day, which can be difficult.  In order to reach this daily amount, it is best to think about taking a fish oil supplement.  Wild Salmon provides omega-3 fatty acids while also giving you 20 grams of protein per 100 gram serving.  It is best to opt for wild salmon over farm-raised salmon because it lacks omega-3 because it is corn and grain fed. 
            There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to yogurt- it just depends on the type you consume.  Avoid frozen yogurt and yogurt with additional sugar and fruit at the bottom.  It is best to consume plain low fat yogurt because it is comprised of bacteria that enhances your gastrointestinal health.  Add berries and flax seeds to your yogurt for additional flavor and nutrients.  Berries are packed with antioxidants that prevent cancer, heart and eye diseases.  Flax seeds are an excellent source of fiber, protein and omega-3, however, avoid flax oil because it does not include any fiber and is unbalanced. 
            We’re all aware that we should eat our greens, but the best ones for you are broccoli, spinach and apples.  Broccoli is packed with soluble fiber and low calorie which aids in reducing fat.  It also contains cancer-fighting phytochemicals and anti-estrogenic indoles.  Spinach prevents muscle and bone loss in addition to cancer and heart diseases due to its top-level nutrition benefits.  Apples are the most powerful antioxidant, aside from cranberries.  Due to pesticide-contamination, choose organic apples.