Plastic Surgery Centers V. Med Spas

           In this day and age med spas have become increasingly more popular and have developed a greater presence in the world of aesthetics. Unfortunately, the cosmetic industry has become more convoluted with falsified advertising and misleading promises as a result of the ever-growing trend of Botox and fillers. However, board certified plastic surgery centers have consistently remained just as qualified throughout.
            There are significant differences between plastic surgery centers and medical spa doctors. One of the obvious distinctions being that a plastic surgeon that is board certified has been required to go through extensive training and rigorous exams in order to be the most knowledgeable that they can be in the field of medicine. 
            It is also not uncommon for the doctor overseeing the med spa to come from an entirely irrelevant background. While there is a requirement is to be board certified, the certification could technically be in an unrelated field.  You always want to check to see if the doctor’s experience is first relevant. 
Additionally, med spas are not held to the same standard as a free standing accredited medical or surgical facility. There are different safety standards that don’t necessarily measure up to a more credentialed medical facility or doctor’s office.