Give Adult Acne The Boot

Let’s face it. There’s nothing more frustrating than unpredictable breakouts and adult acne. Not only do adult women have to worry about fending off wrinkles, but battling zits can also be another annoying day-to-day battle. Certain factors, such as stress, hormones and diet can all attribute to acne resurfacing. However, there are ways to combat this and return your complexion back to a relatively clear state.
Bye, Bye Blemishes
Part of adult acne’s game is the unwanted blemishes they can leave behind. Scarring is not uncommon post breakout, especially when you exacerbate the problem by picking.  However, chemical peels can help to rid your skin of hyperpigmentation and acne. Our spa offers a variety of different chemical peels, such as customized ones from Skin Media, as well as a PCA peel.
The Spa at The SHAW Center also offers FotoFacials, or PicoFacials, which employ an intense pulsed light in combination with radio frequency to effectively treat irregular skin pigmentation and discoloring.
You Are What You Eat
Diet can be a huge contributing factor to adult breakouts. It’s important to be starch conscious by avoiding high-glycemic-index carbohydrates, such as white bread and sugar-laden foods. It’s smart to balance your diet by incorporating whole grains and veggies into your diet that won’t aggravate acne.
Master Your Make-Up
Makeup is intended to mask skin issues, but when used incorrectly it can actually enhance the underlying problem. Opt for a matte or oil-free concealer, so as not to draw attention to your already shiny skin. Remember that light shades magnify and dark ones recede, so never put too much light concealer or highlighter onto raised bumps. Also, always remember to remove your makeup before you call it a night or head to the gym.