Local Beauty & Health Bloggers You Should Be Following

Making your beauty and health a habit is easy when you have the right resources to do so. The Spa at The SHAW Center is one of those resources!  It’s here that you can spoil your skin with various skincare treatments and indulge in anti-aging products a plenty. When you’re not at our Spa, you can find inspiration through following some of our favorite local AZ beauty and health bloggers for tips and tricks in maintaining the best version of YOU!
(Photo Courtesy of Instagram.com/flawless.face)
Lyndsey South, one of our very own SHAW girls, has been a Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Laser Technician for over 10 years.  You can follow her on Instagram for updates on some of her favorite skincare products and treatments, most of which are offered here at The SHAW Center!
Caitlin Lindquist, who visits Lyndsey at our Spa occasionally for services, such as our microneedling treatment, stays really active on her blog, www.thedashofdarling.com, while sharing style, travel, beauty and lifestyle tips.
Cupcakes and cashmere is the name.  Fashion and beauty are the game. From her monthly beauty buys series to her skincare schedule, Emily incorporates personalized experiences with expert tips for an effective beauty routine all on www.cupcakesandcashmere.com.
Jason Sani dedicates his time to creating simple health-conscious tips for people who “don’t have time” through coaching and consulting.  From sharing recipes rich with purpose-driven ingredients to work out suggestions on his Instagram and website, arizonahealthclub.com,  Jason makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle a cinch!
Looking for ways to hike up your health without having to make too many drastic lifestyle changes?  Brittany makes eating healthy and remaining active seamless with meal modifications and fit tips.