The Cure to a Clear Complexion

Our face is the first thing people notice and a huge part of our identity. Maintaining a clear complexion is not always the easiest feat, but definitely worth prioritizing. With so many products and beauty remedies out there today, it can seem overwhelming not knowing which ones to trust, but The Spa at The Shaw Center has you and your skin covered! We believe the answer to a flawless face lies within a combination of both skincare products and some simple home regimens. 
Ditch the Washcloth
Washcloths can do more damage than good by disrupting your skin’s natural state. Typically using one can lead to irritation and redness, and not to mention they’re breeding grounds for bacteria. Instead, try Clarisonic, which is a sonic technology proven to gently yet effectively loosen dirt and oil to clear your pores. It micro-massages twice as effectively as manually cleansing does and is available for purchase at The Shaw Center.
Clean Your Essentials
A more common sense, but highly underestimated cause for breakouts comes from your pillowcases and makeup brushes. These two vehicles collect your oils and dirt daily and are later reapplied to your face when used again and again without first being washed. We suggest using a gentle cleanser for both and avoid sanitizers that employ harsh fragrance, as this added ingredient can also lead to clogged pores.
Moisturize Appropriately
Believe it or not, there is such thing as over moisturizing and it can even lead to breakouts. Adding too much product to your skin can clog your pores and prevent your complexion from being able to breathe. We recommend using a moisterizer with hyaluronic acic, which helps to retain water. One of our favorite hydrating lotions is our ZO Skin Health Ossential Daily Power Defense
Exfoliate Effortlessly
Regular exfoliation is essential in maintaining your skin. Your dead skin cells can tend to collect over time, creating a dull complexion and preventing you from showing off that glow you most definitely deserve. Microdermabrasion,  is a non-surgical exfoliating treatment that can help you to achieve healthier, younger-looking skin. The Spa at The Shaw Center offers this as a service and highly recommends it for those looking to rid themselves of stubborn blemishes.