Microneedling 101

Not too long ago, if we had told you that running a needling pen over your face would actually benefit you – you would think we were crazy. DermaPenning, also known as Microneedling, has made a huge splash in the skincare world recently. With noticeable results with little to no downtime, this is one treatment you need to try.

How does it work?
We use the DermaPen 3, a cutting-edge version of a DermaPen, that painlessly penetrates the outer layers of the skin. This creates micro-injuries that spur collagen and elasitn to repair, regrow and heal skin making way for smoother, more even skin. Also, almost any part of the body can be treated.
What will it do for my skin?
Like a peel without the burn, micro needling treatments help with wrinkle reduction, texture and tone improvement. Pores are decreased and skin looks and feels firmer and refreshed. Also, if you have hyperpigmentation, sun spots or scarring, these treatment helps fade those blemishes and also erases acne scars, trauma scars and stretch marks.
What does it feel like?
The quick, 15 to 30-minute treatment feels like a light buffing similar to sandpaper being rubbed gently across skin.
Is there downtime?
Right after your treatment you will notice an instant glow and some redness that goes away usually within four hours. After 12 hours, mineral makeup is recommended and skin is healed within 24 hours.

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