Bro-tox: Guys Giving Injectables a Shot
Listen up guys, Botox is no longer exclusively for the ladies. A new term coined Bro-tox is the latest and greatest thing to happen to your skin. Yep, we know it sounds a little out there, but Botox has crossed the gender lines with a 258 percent increase over the past ten years.

So why are men opting to go under the needle? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are a few factors playing into Bro-tox’s popularity. 

The first factor is that within the past couple of years, cosmetic procedures are more widely accepted and no longer carry the negative stigma they did in the past.
Additionally, Botox delivers results with no downtime and is an appealing option for men because it erases wrinkles but isn’t obvious that you’ve had “work” done.
What’s most interesting is that men feel increasing pressure to stay relevant in the workplace and want to look better and younger to climb the career ranks. The American Society of Plastic Surgery also reports that employees want to maintain a more attractive and youthful look in the competitive job market. This means that a youthful appearance allows men (and women) to receive promotions and generate more income than their older looking peers – a crucial part of success especially with a leaner workforce.
Men on the hunt for jobs also up their competitive game with Bro-tox for an extra edge when interviewing.
Not a scary procedure, Botox includes a few pricks to areas including your forehead, eyes and in between eyebrows to relax facial muscles and minimize lines and wrinkles.

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