The First and Only SculpSure at The Shaw Center

We are excited to announce that The Shaw Center is the first and only location in Arizona to offer SculpSure™, the wold’s first hyperthermic laser treatment for non-invasive fat reduction. Perfect for those on the go, this 25-minute treatment eliminates fat without surgery or downtime. FDA cleared, this laser-based procedure removes 24% of fat in treated areas, in just one session. 

Using four laser panels, this cutting-edge treatment is ideal for fat bulges that won’t budge, even with exercise and diet. After treatment, patients can resume normal activities immediately after, including work and exercise. 

With two CoolSculpting machines (DualSculpting) combined with the SculpSure’s four panels we can treat as many as six areas at once in just one hour!

Ideal candidates for SculpSure™ should be within 10-20 pounds of their proper weight and want to target fat that is diet and exercise resistant. Because we have both surgical and non-surgical options, you can be sure we will recommend the best treatment to reach your aesthetic goals.
What are you waiting for? Our team has the expertise to help you obtain your ideal body shape. Learn more about this new treatment by calling (480) 767-1900!