Life Made Easier with These Beauty Apps

Being beautiful just got a whole lot smarter with these pocket-sized tips for bettering your beauty routine. Whether you want to schedule a hair appointment instantly or need to figure out the right shade of makeup for your skin tone, these apps provide solutions and quick.

This app will become your new bestfriend! Through geolocation, BeautyNow can digitally assist your maintenance needs by instantly booking blowouts, nail appointments and even Botox based on where you are!

Feel like being daring and trying out a new lip color but don’t want to go through the hassle of trying on a million different shades of red at the makeup counter only to keep wiping it off? ShadeScout is an app that matches any color, anywhere to your face by using your phone camera and an extensive library of cosmetic products.

Sephora Pocket Contour
In the last year, contouring has become a beauty routine necessity, and through Sephora’s app you can now be given full instruction on how to properly contour based on your individual face shape. Just upload a photo of yourself, and you’re bronzing and highlighting questions will all be answered!

If you find yourself spending countless hours watching YouTube beauty tutorials, then this free app is ideal for you. Bellashoot is a one-stop shop for product reviews, tutorials and tips straight from your favorite beauty bloggers.

Nail Snob
Polish up your beauty techniques with Nail Snob, where you can scan your favorite nail polish bottles and save the hues along with a photo of the color on your nails for future reference. This app is perfect for those with an extensive list of polish preferences.

Think Dirty

This app’s name is just as funny as it is effective! We don’t always know what goes into the beauty products we apply to ourselves every day, but with this app you can scan a product’s barcode to determine how toxic it really is. The app ranks the ingredients based on a “Dirty Meter,” as well as offers better alternatives.