Frame Your Face With Beautiful Brows
In recent years eyebrows have become the face’s most important feature and one of the main focal points. They make the front page in celebrity news and dozens of different makeup lines have released products centralizing around the beauty of brows. Now if you have bad eyebrows there’s just simply no excuse for it. Find your favorite frame and pluck for perfection with these grooming go-tos.

Tame Time
Plucking your eyebrows in an effort to achieve the ideal shape can be challenging and at times even painful. However, the recent brow trends encourage a much fuller and thicker shape, which allows you to spend substantially less time tweezing.

We recommend choosing to tweeze after your shower since warm water tends to open the hair follicles and soften them, which in turn can help them to be extracted more easily.

Once you’ve determined your ideal shape, outline your arch using a brow pencil and remove only the hairs that fall above or below this outline. Avoid using a magnifying mirror to avoid over plucking. It’s the bigger picture that matters after all.

Fake It Till You Make It
After you’ve obtained that awesome natural arch, consider enhancing your brows further by filling them in with a color that complements your hair color. Use Benefit’s Brows-A-Go-Go or Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brow Wiz to add definition, color and shape. Filling in those sparse areas will make the world of difference. Always have the most pigment intensity in the arch of the brow. This will help to create a more youthful look.

Finally, set your hairs with some brow wax or gel to ensure that that shape you’ve been working towards doesn’t loose its appeal throughout the day. You can even add a brow bone highlighter to further emphasize the look of your arch.