Natural Ways To Induce Restful Sleep

Make the most of your summer break by ensuring that you’re achieving the most restful sleep patterns possible. As relaxing as vacationing can be, sleeping in a bed that is not yours can make falling asleep at times somewhat difficult. Learn how to render your mind tranquil in the most natural ways the minutes before those Z’s, and follow these simple suggestions for sweet dreams.

Mindful Breathing
It’s not uncommon to be overcome with a flurry of thoughts and worries while lying in bed. This is typically the time you spend replaying the previous events of the day and planning out the ones for the following morning. However, sometimes this can prevent our minds from allowing us to drift off. Breathing techniques can actually cease the internal chatter and enable your mind to relax. Conscious breathing is extremely effective when you take slow, steady and deep breathes while focusing on the natural rhythm of it all. After a few measures of this, you will actually begin to notice the anxiety escape your body.
Researchers have provided studies that show that there’s a direct correlation between those who practice yoga and decreased insomnia symptoms. The benefits of yoga are endless and include the improvement of stress levels. Because this low-impact exercise focuses on centering your body and your mind, you are able to actually channel that same peaceful mindset during times where anxiety is common, such as right before bed. Try some Shavasana before you attempt to sleep next time.
Essential oils can aid in many different types of situations. Peppermint helps with alertness, Eucalyptus with breathing and Chamomile and Lavender with sleep and relaxation. Not only can these oils induce sleep, but they can also produce a higher quality of restfulness. Try placing a few drops of these scents on your pillow or beneath your pillowcase in order for it to be totally absorbed. 

Ditch The Gadgets

 It’s become habit for us to be on our phones from the moment we wake up until the moment we shut our eyes at night, but it’s actually been proven that the blue wavelengths produced by your Smartphone and other technology can suppress the production of melatonin, which is the natural hormone that helps with sleep. Light-emitting devices can continue to stimulate the mind, which can in turn result in restlessness and sleepless evenings.