Achieve Long, Bold Lashes
Summer is here and our beauty routines should now be as effortless as ever.  They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well then, your eyelashes are the curtains and just as essential to perfect. Sure, there’s hundreds of over the counter makeup products, mascaras and even false eyelashes you can settle for when wanting to achieve a bold lash look, but all of those are just temporary and even sometimes detrimental to your natural lashes. What if we told you that you could render your lashes luscious and long without all that and using Latisse and other natural home remedies? Well, you can!
A Healthy Diet
When do you not hear that a healthy diet can benefit you? It’s true! Lashes are made from keratin which is a type of protein, so ensuring your meals are high in protein can actually help your eyelashes to grow fuller and longer.
Vitamin E
This can actually be a DIY solution by combining one tablespoon of sweet almond oil, one tablespoon olive oil and one capsule of liquid vitamin E. Once you have this mixture, you can apply the serum to your lash line with a Q-tip every night before bed. This will also help to make your lashes healthy and strong.
Yes, you can actually groom your eyelashes just as you would comb your hair every day.! We suggest brushing them once a day with an eyelash brush, which will help to distribute the natural oils  through this gentle massage, as well as improve the blood supply.
Above all else, Latisse has been proven to be extremely effective in the growth and renewal of eyelashes.  Full, flirty lashes are one of the most feminine qualities in a woman, so why not obtain long-lasting results with Latisse? This FDA  approved treatment not only improves length and fullness but also the darkness of the lashes. You can apply Latisse directly to the lash line nightly for best results.

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