The Beauty Benefits of Botox

The SHAW Center is dedicated to achieving the most natural looking results and achieves this through a variety of different techniques, one of them being injectable treatments. Both Botox and Dysport will help to eliminate any unwanted lines and render your skin noticeably younger by targeting specific facial expression muscles.  Our center hosts only the most skilled and trained professionals to ensure that these procedures are both personalized to fit your desires and executed flawlessly.
Bottom Line, There Should Be No Lines
BOTOX® Cosmetic is a simple and safe treatment that involves a small injection that blocks the nerve impulse to the muscle under the skin in a certain area. Typically, results can sustain anywhere from three to six months. One of the many benefits of this procedure is that there’s no downtime or serious recovery process. Inject today, show off tomorrow!
While Botox’s most popular benefit is its ability to rid your face of signs of aging, it can also aid in many other areas. Botox has been known to be highly effective in the treatment of migraine headaches. When injected into specific head and neck sites, it can actually prevent a migraine and dull future headache symptoms. Botox is also helpful in balancing the problem of hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. It relieves this condition by blocking the release of perspiration through the sweat glands.
Meet Tammy!
Tammy Federico is one of our SHAW Center superstar team members, and it is through her skillful attention to detail that she has succeeded in making our clients happy. Tammy specializes in injectables, with over seven years of experience.
I pride myself on giving the best experience possible, and making sure you look your best.  I feel very fortunate to have worked at the SHAW Center for the past four years, as it has always been one of my goals to work alongside one of the best plastic surgeons.” -Tammy
Tammy is now offering a complimentary consultation here at The SHAW Center so that she can assess the best options for you. Whether it’s fuller, plumper lips (her personal favorite!), or simply removing any undesired creases, she is on board with enhancing your beauty.
There’s More…
We are also excited to announce that through the month of May we’re offering $100 off any injectable service for first-time patients. In addition to that, on Wednesday, May 13, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. we will be hosting our Botox Days event where you can spin the wheel and receive savings of 10% off and more on your treatment. You can really flirt with lady luck, and receive your entire treatment free.
While you may have earned worry lines, it doesn’t mean you need to show them anymore!