Post-Surgery Essentials to Ensure a Comfortable Recovery


Preparation and the physical surgery are two processes we typically pay close mind to. However, the post-surgery phase and recovery process is just as important in order to ensure the best results. The SHAW Center is committed to making sure your consultation, procedure and care afterwards is as comfortable as possible, and that’s why we want to offer you the best tips and suggestions for at-home care.
When anticipating any cosmetic procedure, there are certain recovery basics that go without saying when it comes to preparing for healing. First and foremost, make sure you have a relaxed and pleasant environment to return back to once the procedure is complete. Ideally, having someone who can help you through your recovery is also essential.
Depending on which type of procedure you are undergoing, you will be typically be prescribed a pain medication alongside an antibiotic to relieve any aches you may experience for the first few days. It’s ideal to fill these prescriptions and have them on hand a few days ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about them when you should be resting post procedure.
Ice, Ice Baby
In case of any expected inflammation or bruising, reusable gel ice packs will aid in relieving any pain. These are key accessories to have on hand, and several may be necessary.
It’s not unusual to experience potential dryness and redness of the skin post-surgery. This is obviously temporary but in the meantime moisturizing with Aquaphor will help subside these effects. Since this particular product is thicker than most moisturizers, you won’t find yourself having to reapply as frequently.
Bendable Straws and Pillows
The first couple of days after your surgery are the most critical, and anything you can do to avoid excess moving is best. Make sure you have a variety of pillows in different shapes and sizes for support and to assure that you’re not straining for comfort. Bendable straws are also a nice afterthought, as they enable you from having to overexert when you’re hydrating. If you have someone to feed you grapes, that’s also a plus.
Soups and Broths
While you may find that you’re starving after your procedure and craving a large meal, try to opt for something simpler, such as soup. This will be easy to digest and will calm any nausea you may be having as a symptom afterwards.
Comfy Pjs
Yay! Finally, you have an excuse to wear your snuggie for consecutive days straight without being judged. Take advantage of this downtime by ensuring that you’re dressed comfortably. It’s amazing how something as simple as soothing sweatpants can relax you.