Suit Up: Finding The Right Swimwear For Your Body Type

Summer is quickly approaching, which means peeking in that dreaded swimsuit drawer to see what you have to work with for the coming months. However, trying on swimsuits shouldn’t be a negative experience if you know what looks best on your figure. Everyone has a different body type and therefore should capitalize on your unique physique! Feeling sexy poolside just became a whole lot easier. Now, let’s talk fruit!
Pear Shape
J-Lo and Beyoncé adhere to this body shape when they’re trying on their beachwear! The key to figuring out which style suits you best is making sure that you’re able to balance your proportions, while ensuring your bottom half has the coverage it needs. Opt for a plunging neckline or a patterned or colorful top that shifts the eye upward, focusing less on your lower half. If possible, veto any thick-banded bottoms that will just call attention to the area you’re trying to avoid showcasing. A shear sarong draped at your hips will not only add to the look, but also flatter your figure.
Apple Shape
If you’re an apple shape, then you carry most of your weight in your mid-section. Detracting from this area of your body is an easy fix with the right approach. Shirred or gathered fabric helps to eliminate any unwanted clinging to your hips or stomach, while also creating definition in the waist. Luckily for you, high-waisted bottoms are extremely in trend right now and make for the perfect solution to concealing that lower pooch. Whether it’s a retro-inspired swimsuit bottom or pair of high-waisted denim shorts, you’ll instantly feel more confident!
Large Bust
Katy Perry and Brooklyn Decker are examples of women with a bigger bust, and they most definitely rock it. It’s all about finding a way to balance your figure without completely ignoring your womanly assets. Support is crucial with this body type and finding a bikini top with an under wire or molded cups will ensure that your girls stay lifted. You will want to avoid overly embellished tops or ruffles since this will only draw more attention to your chest, taking away from the rest of your gorgeous figure.
Alright, this is for all the Cameron Diaz’s out there. This figure is a bit more narrow and straight up and down. Fortunately, creating curves is much easier than hiding them. You have permission to play around with more embellishments and patterns on both the top and bottom. This will create the illusion of dimension. One-piece suits with strategic cutouts are great for creating curves, as well as tie-side bikini bottoms. Less is more with this body type!
The SHAW Center offers a variety of different procedures than can assist in perfecting the swimsuit-ready body you desire. Embrace your figure, but know that there’s always potential to love it even more!