Find Your Fit: Instagram Accounts You Need To Be Following


Finding the motivation to stay in shape can be difficult, but if you surround yourself with the right reminders it can be a lot more encouraging.  It’s not news that we live in a world where social media reigns, and our to-do lists revolve around an ever-changing newsfeed. Your girlfriends just checked into that new wine bar down the street, so you make time to meet up with them for some pinot later. Your old college roommate just posted about her new Lululemon yoga pants, so you schedule some time to pick up your own pair on your way home from work. However, if you just followed the best of the best fitness gurus, you might find yourself making the time to do what they do instead of finding other distractions!
TwoBadBodies: @twobadbodies
This Instagram account is home to two girlfriends who met on the track at the University of Washington years ago and have been inseparable since. This beautiful athletic duo is dedicated to finding creative ways to inspire their followers to have fun with fitness on a regular basis. Jennifer Forrester and Kaisa Keranen lead workouts that range from synchronized stair workouts to jump rope routines.
Morgan |24|: @the_southern_yogi
Morgan DeYoung inspires upwards of twenty thousand people daily through her Instagram account by posting videos showcasing yoga poses, inspirational quotes and photos updating her body’s progress regularly. This Instagram is the type of account that motivates you to leap into downward facing dog even if you’ve never owned a yoga mat before!
Gisele Bundchen: @giseleofficial
If following this bombshell for her shear good looks isn’t enough, then add her to your list for her fitness skill set. You might have seen Gisele Bundchen’s Under Armour ad, and if you did it wouldn’t have taken much convincing to know that this angel knows how to kick butt. Gisele’s account features her sporting her most impressive yoga flows in some of the most sought after travel destinations. It doesn’t hurt that Tom Brady’s face makes an occasional appearance in her feed either.
Jeanette Jenkins: @msjeanettejenkins
This warrior woman is a trainer, nutritionist and Nike athlete and shares all of her secrets through her account daily. Known for her specialty in toned abs and her bikini boot camp, Jeanette includes posts complete with 10-minute total body blasts and healthy meal options. This powerhouse is enough to want to make you stop whatever it is you’re doing and get your sweat on.
Kayla Itsines: @kayla_itsines
Kayla is an Aussie beauty with a whole lot of brawns. With over 2.6 million followers, a comprehensive 12-week workout training guide and her own recipe EBooks, its no surprise this account has such a fan base! Kayla inspires through her daily posts featuring actual clients before and after photos that are routinely shared. Following this account not only shows you where you could be, but just how feasible it is through the involvement of other fan’s commitment.