Simple Beauty Routine For a Beach Vacay

It’s that time of year where there are warmer days fewer than cool, and we’re sure you’ve been planning or at least dreaming of your next beach side vacation. While being outdoors can make it a little more difficult to perfect your look, we have some tips and tricks that’ll have you glowing long after the sunsets.

Less is more
Leave the foundation at home in order to cut down your beauty routine for a leisurely getaway. We recommend using a tinted moisturizer with SPF built in. These usually provide a sheer to medium coverage and will leave your skin feeling light and fresh. It’s also essential to find a tinted moisturizer that’s oil-free in order to avoid clogging pores. Another bonus is that it’s much easier to blend than foundation so it will leave your skin with a natural looking appearance.
My lip balm is poppin’
Using a lip balm is essential for the beach because of its sun protective properties. Most balms will include a SPF and stay on much longer than a standard lipstick. We’re not saying you need to completely rid your face of color, and in fact it’s more common now to find a tinted lip balm. Opt for a shade just a few shades pinker than your natural pout, and avoid red at all costs. It’s better suited for nighttime anyway!
Dive in!
Waterproof mascara is a must! You may decide to pass up playing in the waves, but the added perspiration from just laying out in the sun will enable your lashes to flake and smudge. The raccoon look is never welcome, but especially not in paradise! Because waterproof mascara can prove to be a bit more difficult to get off, make sure you use a hypoallergenic makeup remover, and take your time when removing.
Fake it ‘till you bake it
The first couple of days at the beach are usually dedicated to working on a tan, however it’s always a must to think of your skin in the long run.  Apply SPF during the day and if you’re not achieving the color you desire, try dusting a bronzer along your cheekbones and collarbones to get the glow you desire. Finding a bronzer with a bit of shimmer is ideal since this will act as a two-in-one without having to use a highlighter. You can also use bronzer to add bit of definition to the crease of your eyelids at night.
Bye, Bye oils
 If you have really oily skin, try using blotting films instead of powders to reduce the sheen. They will suck up all the extra oil created from basking in the sun and will keep your complexion looking matte and revived.  A major plus is that they take up hardly any extra space in your beach bag!

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