Speed Up Your Standard Beauty Routine

Let’s set the scene.
 It’s 7 a.m., you’ve just hit the snooze button for the second time and you’re lying in bed wondering how much closer you’re getting to leaving the house completely ungroomed for the sake of five extra minutes of sleep.
We get it. Waking up early and still pulling yourself together isn’t so easy, no matter how effortless Jennifer Aniston makes it look in movies.
However, there are some key beauty hacks that will help cut down your routine and allow you to squeeze in some additional beauty sleep. So hit the snooze button one more time. We dare you!
Maintain your mane
Alright, let’s start with that tousled mane of yours. Unless you’ve perfected the art of sleeping like a corpse throughout the entire night, it could probably use a good rinse, lather and repeat.
If you don’t have time for a full shampoo, then cheat. Yes, cheat. It’s called the “bang wash” and it only requires quickly wetting the hairs that frame your face. Pull your hair back into a quick pony, leaving just the front pieces out. Add a small dime size of conditioner and run it through the strands, allowing for the sink water to rinse through it thoroughly. The hair around your face air-dries the quickest, but if you can afford an extra minute or two, just quickly run a blow dryer over the damp hair.
Conceal and highlight
Even if your morning isn’t, these products will brighten up your face almost instantaneously. Use a concealer almost three shades lighter than your natural skin tone, and apply it underneath the eye area. You can even get a little adventurous and add some to the inner creases of your eyes. This will give it the illusion that your eyes are larger, wider and definitely more awake. Always apply a luminescent highlighter to the uppermost cheekbone area of the face. You can also add some to the crease of your top lip line and above your brow as well.  When the highlighted areas of your face catch the light it draws a natural glow, improving the look of your complexion.
Just do it in your sleep
If you don’t have time for your normal remedies in the morning, you can prep throughout the night.
Moisturizing is imperative, and nothing says “Carpe Diem” like hydrated skin. ZO Skin Health, available at The SHAW Center, is a line of skin products that caters to the wellness of your skin.  These ultra-nourishing products will give your skin a healthy and radiant appearance for the morning and also fights against aging.  If all else fails, throw on a red lip. It’s sort of the answer to everything anyway.
The SHAW Center offers a variety of alternative options to looking youthful and rested, without having to deal with all these added extra morning tasks. Whether it’s Juvederm, Sculptra or Latisse, our center ensures every possible option for staying and looking effortlessly beautiful.