Post Pregnancy Pick Me Up

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful processes a woman can experience. Not only does it heighten your senses, bolster your self-confidence and gift you with glow, but it can improve your overall health too.
While post-pregnancy can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be difficult to find even just five minutes out of your busy mommy schedule to take care of yourself. Your body goes through immense changes during pregnancy, most of which can benefit both you and the baby. However, some of these changes can also have adverse effects once you’ve given birth.
Your skin’s elasticity improves while you’re carrying, but this can also leave behind spider veins, loose skin and weakened abdominal muscles. You may also notice a change in your breasts as they begin to sag. This is all normal but it doesn’t mean you have to live with it.
“Fit”ting it into your day
Finding an effective workout routine is step one. The general rule of thumb is to begin your fitness plan six weeks after giving birth. Working kegelsinto your series is imperative in improving and repairing your pelvic muscles and planks and crunches will target that hard to target tummy fat. Factoring these workouts into your every-day routine will only take up a small but well-deserved time out of your day.
And of course there’s always stealing some time away to head to the spa for a much-needed day of rest and relaxation!
There are lots of post-pregnancy fitness and beauty regimes you can adopt, and these can all be supplemented with our body sculpting procedure. Dr. Shaw understands the sacrifice women make with their bodies throughout pregnancy, and he also comprehends that returning your body to its original state, if not enhancing it, is also important.
Dr. Shaw’s “Beauty after Baby” procedure can include liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation and/or lift, labiaplasty and spider vein therapy. These self-image enhancers will not only restore your vitality but will also give you the added confidence boost to take on being a super mom. Who says you can’t also look good pushing a stroller?