Ready, Set, GLOW!
Spring is quickly approaching but for those who have not seen the sun, may not be ready to put their best bronze forward. It may seem logical to resort to tanning beds as a means of instant gratification, but it’s essential to stop and think before exposing yourself to those unhealthy and unnatural rays.
Sure it’s easy, convenient, and for the most part actually works. However, the long-term damage caused from “fake baking” is just not worth it. There are quite a few alternative options that are far better for your health and won’t make you look like you just got done rolling in a pile of Doritos.
Bronzing Sprays
This bronzing process is both effortless and effective! There are quite a few different bronzing sprays out there, but QuickTan spray, available at The SHAW Center, is foolproof. It encompasses agents like flower extract and Aloe Barbandensis Leaf Juice and when applied will build a subtle, believable color.
You Are What You Eat
You can also achieve a sun kissed complexion by eating your way there. Obviously we don’t suggest using this as your only means to mahogany, but it will definitely aid in the process. Vegetables such as carrots, apricots and sweet potatoes all contain beta-carotene, which produce a ton of vitamin A. This will help increase the production of melanin, which is responsible for changing the color of your skin.
Carrot cake anyone?
Highlighting Other Features
When all else fails, focus on other features that when contrasted against your fair skin makes you appear bronzed. This can be as simple as whitening your grin. Crest’s 3D whitening strips will make your mouth sparkle within just a matter of days.
You can also always utilize a good matte bronzer for a quick fix. You don’t have to limit your makeup application to just your cheek bones either. Give your collar bone and shoulders a good dusting as well. We recommend utilizing a setting spray in case you’re planning on giving any hugs to men in white button downs later. 
Always wear light colors. The only need to wear black now is if we’re mourning the death of our tragic winter skin. Otherwise, donning muted tones, pastels and creams are a surefire way to deliver the perfect contrast.