Put Your Fat To Use

            Instead of fighting your fat, learn to love it with a fat transfer.  A fat transfer procedure is exactly what it sounds like; moving excess fat from an area of the body like the outer thighs to areas that are deficient in mass such as parts of the face, breasts, hands and buttocks.  Fat transferring techniques continue to become more innovative, creating consistent, reliable results.
            As people begin to age, particular areas of our body start to lose fat and/or sag.  A fat transfer is an ideal procedure to enhance these areas that lack from aging.  Speaking of aging, the collection of stem cells and growth factors from the fat cells will also find its place in the rejuvenation process.
            Some reasons to consider a fat transfer is if you have areas on your face that are visibly creased or sunken, if you’re seeking a more permanent situation opposed to fillers and to replenish contour asymmetry of the breasts or mask clear indications of breast implants, among other motives.
            For the procedure, fat is initially harvested in one area of your body and sterilized, then reinserted with particular needles into the area(s) that need enhancement.  The only risk for scarring is from liposuction, which is performed when removing excess fat from the contributing area.  Scarring, if any, would be small and in a hidden area.             
            If you’re interested in more information or would like to schedule a consultation for a fat transfer, contact The SHAW Center at (480) 767-1900.