Bras: Find Your Fit, Don’t Throw One
From demis to push-ups, finding the right bra for you can be a tedious process.  Having the proper knowledge of exactly what to look for in an undergarment can make a worlds difference and feel less overwhelming.  Knowing your bra size is critical, but there’s more to it than just numbers and letters.  Wearing a bra shouldn’t be like donning some dated, Victorian contraption. It should be effortless!
Not only is it important to determine which type of underwear you feel best in, it’s also instrumental in guaranteeing a flattering figure. Whether it’s the constant struggle of trying to reduce your bustiness or attempting to make your girls look even, there’s a solution for even the most frustrating fixes. Plus, at times wearing the right bra can even make you look as though you’ve dropped 10 lbs!
HerRoom has comprised a chart that both simplifies and personalizes your bust and its corresponding bra style. Obviously, you can’t define your breasts based entirely off of a structured list of categories, but it will aid in helping to give you that extra needed support and shape. 
For example, a demi cup will allow for you to showcase some cleavage due to its shorter underwire and wide-set straps. If you’ve recently come to terms with the fact that no matter how much you try your top is a stage one clinger and won’t settle without first exposing your bra’s silhouette, then the t-shirt bra might be the best bet. Lift your spirits and your bust with these considerations next time you’re in the market for some new lingerie. Do not forget to embrace your shape!
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