The Road to Recovery

            Although the majority of treatments provided in The SHAW Center Spa demand little to no downtime, more invasive procedures such as breast augmentations and face lifts require more rest and relaxation.  It’s essential to understand and be prepared for recovery post procedure in order to remain comfortable and obtain optimal results. 
            Requirements for recovery vary from each procedure, considering each part of your body heals at different rates among other factors.  Recovery is one of the most important periods throughout a plastic surgery procedure since there are a few risks for complications such as infection, incision splitting and escalated swelling.  Patients have a tendency to overlook their recovery period and focus on their results, which can leave them unprepared for how they will look and feel during their recovery process. 
            Ensuring that you’re healthy prior to your procedure will help you in the long run and aid in speeding up your recovery.  Eating properly and getting plenty of rest for the weeks leading up to your appointment is key.  Follow guidelines that Dr. Shaw has instructed and remember to stop using any medications or supplements indicated to prevent unwarranted bleeding and/or swelling. 
            During your consultation feel free to consult Dr. Shaw with any questions or hesitations you have about your recovery such as how much pain to expect and how long it will take to fully recover and to refrain from certain activities. 
            Once you have a full understanding of what to expect from your procedure and how much down time is required, plan your procedure at a convenient time for friends, family and work in order to properly recover.  Confirm that someone will be accessible to help you go to the bathroom, take your medications, prepare ice compresses and other daily needs for the first 24 to 48 hours after your procedure.  It’s crucial to stick to a balanced diet and drink an abundance of fluids post procedure in order to receive nutrients and help your body heal properly. 
            Keep in mind that every procedure has different requirements during their recovery period.  Contact The SHAW Center at (480) 767-1900 for any questions and concerns about a procedure or to schedule a consultation.