Seri Surgical Scaffold – The Latest Breast Lift Solution

            The latest technology for breast lifts, Seri Surgical Scaffold, helps maintain your results better than before.  Seri Surgical Scaffold is a new, innovative surgical mesh derived from natural silk.  The mesh aids in preserving the breast lift by resisting the stretching or “bottoming out” of the lower portion of the breast that may occur post mastopexy (breast lift) regardless if you have implants or not.
            Dr. Shaw, a nationally recognized plastic surgeon, had the pleasure of being among the first group of US surgeons hand selected to be trained in the use of Seri back in September, 2013.  Seri Surgical Scaffold has been approved to be utilized in procedures that demand soft tissue support and repair, like breast lifts.
            Seri Surgical Scaffold is the premier and exclusive Silk-based Biological Scaffold, not originating from human cadavers or animal tissue.  More particularly, Seri is a “knitted, multifilament, bioengineered, long-term bioresorbable scaffold.”  Studies have shown that after 2 years Seri tissue indicated about twice the standard strength of ovine fascia. 
            Silk was one of the first and finest supported surgical substances and was only accessible as a quality suture, until Seri Surgical Scaffold.  Seri aids in strengthening and supporting tissues that have been stretched due to large breasts, implants or aging.    
            If you’re intrigued by Seri Surgical Scaffold and would like to find out if it’s fit for you, call The SHAW Center at (480) 767-1900 to schedule a Breast Lift Consultation with Dr. Shaw.