Stay Slender During the Holidays


            It’s no secret that the holidays tend to be the season of socializing and eating, which can lead to weight gain.  Although it can be tough to say no to a second serving or walk past the dessert display, prevent the excess pounds by utilizing some of our tips and tricks to get you through the holiday season and come out on top.
            Everyone knows that portion control is key in your daily diet and the holidays are no different.  Although decadent desserts and bread rolls at parties and Thanksgiving dinner will most likely taunt you, don’t completely deprive yourself.  If you know that you’ll be aiming for a piece of pie after dinner or a bread roll with your meal, ensure that the majority of your dinner consists of vegetables to make up for it.  If you load up on vegetables during dinner, you’ll probably be pretty full and eat less for dessert as well.
            If you have friends or family that are visiting whom you haven’t seen in a while, use alternative methods to catch up opposed to going to lunch or dinner together.  Opt for a hike or some type of exercise, possibly a walk to a neighborhood coffee spot that’s near you.  Speaking of remaining active, we understand that the holidays can be a busy time of year that leaves little time in your day for a work out.  Even if you have 20-30 minutes for a quick activity, push yourself during your work out to make it worth your while. 
            Your holidays will more often than not be centered around cocktails, which can add excessive calories on top of food consumption.  If your favorite drink is high in calories, indulge in one and then swap out high caloric mixers with something slimmer such as club soda or tonic water.  It’s not a bad idea to drink a glass of water in between each cocktail in order to remain hydrated and avoid cravings.
            Between gift giving and hosting friends and families, the holidays can be a stressful time.  Make sure to set time aside for yourself for some pampering such as a bubble bath, personal face mask, painting your nails or all the above.  This will help keep your stress levels down and you can opt for “me” time over baking or snacking on things.