Predict Your Results With 3-D Imaging

            Due to Dr. Shaw’s numerous years of experience within the plastic surgery industry, it is uncommon for him to come across new and exciting things that compliment his status of expertise.  However, 3-D Vectra imaging has trumped this theory. 
“3-D imaging and morphing technology has come a long way and will help my patients better understand the proposed surgery and together we can come to a visual agreement of intended surgical results,” said Dr. Shaw.  “Patients who have had the opportunity to experience the technology are very excited about it.”
            When you come in for a consultation at the SHAW Center, your photo will be taken with a VECTRA 3D picture session.  Dr. Shaw will then be able to show you the various possible results of your aesthetic procedure due to special simulation software with the 3D picture.  You can play around with altered looks until you come across one that you desire. 
            Once you determine which image you like best, the simulation will supply a foundation for your surgical procedure.  The majority of patients are at ease going into their surgery since they have a better idea of what their desired outcome will be. 
            Try out an online demoto get a feel for how 3-D imaging works.  Although you can get a rough idea from the demo, a consultation with Dr. Shaw and the VECTRA software allows you to use a 3D image of your own body, “try on” different size implants, see the results from different angles, and choose the implant that’s best for you.
            If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Shaw or have any questions, contact the SHAW Center at (480) 767-1900.