Sultry, Smooth Legs!
            It’s beginning to heat up in Arizona and you will start showing more skin before you know it!  Use these last couple of winter weeks to fully prepare your skin for the sun.  We have a few ways that will guarantee sexy, smooth legs and have everyone asking what your secret is.
            The Spa at the Shaw Center offers a few methods of laser hair removal such as the LightSheer Duet, Alma Laser hair removal and Syneron Elos.  These treatments do not require any downtime, can be used anywhere on the body and do not use any messy gels.  Regardless of which laser hair removal you opt to use, we suggest a few sessions depending on your hair so it is best to begin your treatment now to prepare for the summer. 
            If you decide to stick with traditional shaving, we have a few tips to receive optimal results.  Prior to shaving, exfoliate and then apply baby oil to your legs to soften your skin and the hair.  Utilize a men’s razor and men’s moisturizing shaving cream because they are extra gentle on your skin since they are meant for faces.  Apply rubbing alcohol on your legs after shaving to close your pores and kill bacteria.  Then put on an unscented deodorant in order to avoid razor bumps and chafing.    
When you have razor burn, dab apple cider vinegar straight on your skin allowing it to absorb.  Wash the area after 10 minutes.  Apple cider vinegar is utilized to terminate skin bacteria and yeast infections. 
If you are interested in laser hair removal, contact the Shaw Center at (480) 767-1900 for more information!