How to Prep For Plastic Surgery
            Once your appointment is booked for your procedure, it is important to properly prepare not only for your actual surgery but for your recovery time as well.  Before booking your surgery it is crucial that you are fully satisfied with your decision in order to avoid apprehension and nervousness.  We have a few suggestions to make sure you are organized for a speedy recovery!
            Prior to your procedure, Dr. Shaw will give you brochures and information regarding your procedure and what to expect.  Read up on as much as you can and don’t be afraid to ask him any questions you may have to better prepare yourself.  It is best to have someone close to you be there for support once you initially come out of surgery and plan on taking you home.  If they can be around you for a few days following the procedure in order to help take care of you, even better!
            Properly prepare your home for your return from surgery.  Make sure you stock up on healthy food, plenty of pillows, magazines, movies and essential ice packs.  You can fill your prescription for any medication you may need beforehand so it is readily available once you are back at home.  
            It is very common to feel some doubts the night before surgery, which is normal.  Lack of sleep and high blood pressure may come as a result; try some deep breathing or meditation techniques in order to calm yourself down or watch a funny movie to help relax.  Once you are back at home, take it easy, soon enough you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your procedure!