Save Your Skin From the Holidays!

            Now that the holidays are officially over and the New Year has just begun, we’re sure your skin has taken a toll from a neglected skincare routine and excess intake of food and alcohol.  Here are some tips to get your skin back to where it should be and glowing again for the New Year!
            Significantly enhancing the amount of water you consume will help aid in noticeably decreasing puffiness.  “Staying hydrated helps to prevent excess fluids from building up around the eyes as well as de-puffing the face from over-imbibing at the holiday parties,” according to
An excess amount of alcohol intake can seriously dehydrate skin, making your skin feel dry and tight the morning after drinking.  Add a couple of drops of a serum that contains hyaluronic acid, such as the Retexturing Activator by SkinCeuticals to your usual skincare routine.  After, utilize a moisturizer containing vitamins A and E to help restore collagen such as the Hydrafirm Eye Brightening Repaire Crème by Zo Meidcal. 
            Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and always washing your face prior to going to bed.  Lack of sleep can cause several issues such as breakouts and dark circles under your eyes.  Going to bed with make-up and/or or not washing your face can cause clogged pores and your skin to become irritated as well.
            If you feel as though your skin needs a little extra TLC, the Spa at the Shaw Center offers chemical peels in various strengths and combinations of chemical agents based on your condition.  Chemical peels aid in repairing skin damage caused by years of sun exposure, minimize fine facial lines on your face and improve skin tone and texture among many other benefits.  If you are interested in a chemical peel or other spa services available at the Shaw Center, call (480) 767-1900 for more information!