Are You a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

            CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, innovative procedure that uses cooling technology to visibly remove fat without surgery.  The procedure targets fat cells alone, removing them in an effortless process that diet and exercise cannot attain as rapidly or as successfully.  If you have stubborn fat such as muffin tops, love handles or belly pooch that you can’t get rid of, CoolSculpting could be for you! 

            CoolSculpting is not a weight loss alternative for people who are excessively overweight and the procedure does not replace surgical methods such as liposuction.  Ideal candidates have distinct bulges in particular areas that they wish to remove.  A proper treatment plan will be discussed with your doctor during a consultation.  Although the amount and length of CoolSculpting treatments varies from patient to patient, an average treatment can last between one and three hours. 
            According to, the top 10 reasons to have CoolSculpting are: “1. I don’t love my handles, 2. Two words: summer vacation, 3. Make my time at the gym look like I’ve been to the gym, 4.  Show up at the reunion in the same jeans I wore then, 5. Move on to the resolutions #2 and #3, 6.  Put my bag in overhead without hesitation, 7. Wear spandex without embarrassment, 8. I eat right, so I deserve to look right, 9.  Make my birthday suit my best outfit, and 10.  I want my body back.” 
            After the treatment patients can expect little to no downtime, although some patients can potentially encounter minimal pain or discomfort.  Since the procedure is non-invasive, patients can usually get back to normal activities following the treatment.  Your doctor can explain more about what to anticipate during and after the procedure at your consultation. 
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