Shape Up with SmartLipo MPX!

The majority of people have an ideal body that they have always wanted and or strive for.  For some, no matter how well they eat and how often they work out, their body will not cooperate.  Smartlipo MPX could be the ideal solution. 
Smartlipo MPX is the newest innovative LaserBodySculpting method.  This technique provides ideal results for fat removal and or skin tightening.  This is a laser assisted lipolysis procedure where a small tube is inserted into the skin.  There is a laser fiber within the tube that sends energy straight to fat cells utilizing 2 different wavelengths, rupturing the fat cells, which are then drained away as liquid.  The paired wavelength also permits more successful tightening of your skin.
Smartlipo MPX is perfect for areas that have skin laxity, ideally the neck and arms, or for taking away fat from the abdomen, love handles, saddle bags or inner and outer thighs.  The procedure is designed for candidates in good health and normal body weight that are seeking removal of unwanted fat and tightening the skin.     
Standard liposuction and Smartlipo MPX both successfully remove fat, however, Smartlipo MPX has a few advantages over traditional procedures.  Convention liposuction has the possibility of leaving unflattering pockets of skin.  This does not happen with Smartlipo MPX because the procedure utilizes wavelengths that increase collagen and restructure collagen fibers to compress and refine the quality of your skin.
Smartlipo MPX usually requires local anesthesia since it is a minimally invasive procedure.  Patients are able to return to work within a few days and resume exercise after 2 weeks.
If you are interested in permanently destroying fat cells and improving your overall body shape, contact the Shaw Center at (480)767-1900 for a consultation!