Discover the Anti-Age for the Modern Age


If you are attempting to rid yourself of wrinkles without looking like you had work done, SculptraAesthetic will be your best-kept secret!  This procedure produces gradual, subtle results that don’t make you look like you just had surgery. 
SculptraAesthetic is a facial injectable treatment that is meant for patients with a healthy immune system.  On average, patients receive 4 injection sessions about 3 weeks apart.  The reasoning for the timing between injections is to allow SculptraAesthetc enough time to work, enabling your doctor to fine-tune follow-up treatments.   
The procedure improves shallow to deep nasolabial fold contour flaws and other facial wrinkles.  SculptraAesthetic gradually works to restore collagen that is lost during the aging process.  The results from the treatment can last up to 25 months and is biocompatible, meaning it will not harm your body.
SculptraAesthetic is meant for deep folds between the nose and the mouth (smile lines), the lines framing your mouth (marionette lines), and chin wrinkles.  The treatment is not used on the lips and is not recommended for around the eyes.  Most patients are able to get back to their usual activities immediately following the treatment and make-up can be applied a few hours after if there are no complications.
If you are interested in the procedure, call the Shaw Center at (480) 767-1900 in order to book a consultation to see if SculptraAesthetic is right for you!