Help Your Hair!

When it comes to turning back time for your skin, there are an array of products, procedures and options to resort to but what about for your hair?   Companies such as Pantene and Nexxus are beginning to release anti-aging shampoos, conditioners and treatment sprays that contain elements usually used in age-reversing skin creams such as vitamin E, Argan oil and panthenol. Pantene Pro-V carries an Age Defy shampoo and conditioner for $8 each.  “Using anti-aging shampoos and conditioners help to normalize your true texture and adds more protein to your hair,” according to celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate.  

Dying your hair can make your locks dry, rough and fragile.  Garnier has released a new line of ammonia-free hair dye called Olia.  The product also repairs hair quality and is available in 24 different shades.   
            Phyto has launched a product, Secret De Nuit, which is the equivalent of night cream for your hair.  “Apply to damp or dry hair before bed time and you’ll wake up with locks that are silkier, shinier and noticeably softer,” according to Glamour Magazine. (
            The Shaw Center Hair Loss Clinic is committed to providing clients with the greatest opportunity to end hair loss and re-grow hair.  We use many patented products and FDA-approved low level laser therapy in order to obtain results.  Men and women have had success with thinning hair, broken and damaged hair and alopecia areata / traction alopecia among others.  
            We utilize Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in our hair loss treatment plans.  LLLT is a phototherapy or laser treatment that does not break the skin.  When applied to the scalp, it improves the health of existing hair and also stimulates new hair growth.  We also provide hair loss treatment products for all different types of hair loss that can be incorporated with our laser hair loss treatment plans.  These products have been proven to stop the progression of hair loss in 85% of patients and improve hair growth of over 19 new terminal hairs per square cm.  They are also the only on drug/medication approved FDA treatment for hair growth and there is no prescription required.  If you are interested in creating a hair loss treatment plan fit for you, contact the Shaw Center for a consultation at (480)767-1900.