Unwanted Hair? Lose it With Laser!

Summer is officially in full swing, are you tired of constantly having to shave your legs or other areas due to unwanted hair?  Laser hair removal is the perfect alternative that will leave you with silky smooth skin without having to deal with messy at-home creams or consistently booking wax appointments.

Some people avoid having laser hair removal due to discomfort, time consumption and messiness but there have been advancements within the technology used in order to make the procedure convenient and easy.

There are several different options and types of laser hair removal offered at the Shaw Center that fit different peoples wants and skin types.  The LightSheer Duet has been on the market for the past three years and makes the treatment time four times faster than usual.  For example, both underarms can be done in under 5 minutes, a back in under 30 minutes and two full legs in under 40 minutes. 

There are numerous benefits with the LightSheer Duet, such as that it works on any skin color, can be used anywhere on the body and there is no downtime.  Another major benefit of LightSheer Duet is that the majority of patients opt out of topical anesthetic because all you feel is warmth and a slight pinch as the hand piece passes over the treatment.  There is no gel required for the procedure as well so it is quick and painless, allowing you to continue with your day afterwards. 

Another option is the Alma Laser Hair Removal, a special technology that brings low heat levels at a quick delivery in order to minimize pain and reduce the risk of side effects.  Numbing cream is not necessary and many patients describe the procedure as soothing and like a “hot stone massage.”  There are multiple benefits such as complete coverage with no missed spots, fast treatment times, few side effects, no recovery or down time, reduce in-grown hairs and follicultis and it is safe for all skin types, including tanned skin.  One of the downsides is that Alma Laser Hair Removal technology does not treat clear, blonde, grey, light brown or white hair.    

Syneron Elos System of laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) is an advanced system used to treat skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, facial vascular treatment in addition to hair removal.  This procedure has minimal downtime and treats the broadest spectrum of hair colors, skin textures and skin tones. 

With any type of laser hair removal procedure you decide to use, in order to see the best results a patient must have several treatments, since hair grows in cycles.  There are a few factors that determine the amount of sessions that will fully remove the hair, such as how large the area being treated is and the thickness of hair.  Although the amount of treatments varies per patient, it is recommended to have 6-8 treatments in order to have 90-95% complete reduction of hair.