The Facts About Breast Implant Replacement


There is a large misconception when it comes to how often one should have their breast implants replaced and we want to put the rumors to rest!

Rumors floating around the Internet claim it is necessary to have their breast implants replaced every ten years.  Breast implants have the ability to last much longer, even a lifetime, but there are exceptions of course.

If one or both of your breast implants rupture then it is necessary to have surgery as soon as possible in order to have them replaced.  Dr. Shaw’s personal experience with saline implant deflation is less than 1% over 20 years!
With silicone implants, you may not be able to detect a deflation by the appearance or feel but a radiological study, such as a mammogram, ultrasound or an MRI, will show the results.  The FDA recommends women who have silicone implants to have breast implant MRI scans periodically. 
Though the natural aging process and pregnancy, which can include breast-feeding, childbirth, weight gain and loss, the elasticity of the skin changes resulting in drooping or sagging of the breast.  At this point women who are no longer content with their breast appearance may elect to have a breast lift with or without an implant exchange to improve the overall breast appearance. Other than rupture or personal reasons, there should be no reason to have your breast implants replaced based on any predetermined time interval. There, the myth has now been debunked!