The Ultimate Glowing Summer Skin Guide

Now that the three-digit weather is upon us, it’s more important than ever to crank up your skin care routine. With these tips our experts at The SHAW Center, you can beat the heat – and save your skin – this summer.
Work out early… or late
If you enjoy exercising outdoors, readjust your routine so that you are doing your outdoor workouts in the early morning before the sun hits its peak intensity of in the evening/night when the sun goes down. Even if you’re not out during peak hours, always apply sunscreen when exercising or spending time outdoors in the sun.

Stay in the shade
If you’re spending the day at the park or zoo with the kids, wear a hat, sunglasses, protective or long-sleeve clothing and try to stay out of the direct sun. Take lots of breaks in the heat of the day to hide out in the shade. If you can, bring an oversized umbrella, especially if you are headed to the lake, where ample shade may not be available. And don’t forget to reapply sunscreen on yourself and your kids often.
Apply sunscreen daily
Speaking of sunscreen, apply it every day – even if the only time you see the sun is the care ride from your home to your office. Even a small amount of sun exposure on a repeated basis can cause skin damage over time. If you find applying sunscreen to be a pain, look for a daily lotion with SPF built in or buy the spray on kind which takes just seconds to apply. And don’t forget the face and neck!

Regain smoother skin
Reverse the effects of skin damage (even from when you were a teen tanning in the sun!) by using a chemical exfoliator versus a buffer or granule cleanser.
Soothe a sunburn
If you do get burned, take an ibuprofen to calm inflammation as well as soothe redness and pain. Next take a cool shower, and then apply a thick moisturizing lotion. Ahhhhh.
Our team of skin care experts can help you achieve and maintain that healthy glow. Call us today to schedule a consultation to see how we can help!