Heat Proof Your Beauty Routine

Let’s face it – This may be the last few days we have to enjoy cooler temperatures before those triple digits become a mainstay until October. In preparation for a long, hot summer, we invite you to check out our top tips for heat-proofing your summer beauty routine.
Prime your skin
Start your summer beauty routine with an oil-free primer and set your look with a powder. This will keep your make-up from wearing out long before you do!
Keep it light
Forget heavy matte or liquid foundation during the hot summer months. The heavier the make-up, the more likely it is to melt off when put to the test. And our summer temperatures are the toughest test! Try a light tinted SPF moisturizer or BB cream with SPF built in.
Pack oil blotters
Tuck a to-go pack of oil blotters in your bag so you can stop oil build up (which results in shiny skin) in its tracks when you’re out and about.
Step away from the hot tools
Give your hair a break from the heat-driven tools like the blow dryer and flat iron. Instead, give a natural wavy look a try. After washing your hair, run some argan oil through damp strands and then twist your hair into a bun (or trendy topknot). Once your hair dries, unfurl the bun, run your fingers through your hair and rock some natural waves fit for summer!
For mermaid waves, ditch the bun and put your hair in several mini braids (which are super-popular and will also keep your hair out of your face and off your neck). Once dried, gently undo the braids for sexy mermaid waves.

Stay soft… and cool
To help you cool down after the shower, keep your body lotion in the refrigerator. This exhilarating little treat is a sure way to beat the heat!