Breast Augmentation Success with The SHAW Center
We don’t like to blow our own horn… we’d much rather let our patients do it for us! And they have. We’d like to share with you some testimonials from some of our very happy patients.
One shared on RealSelf, “I never experienced even the slightest inconvenience along the way. After researching many ‘top’ plastic surgeons it became quite obvious how courteous, professional, and dedicated Dr. Shaw and his team are. They went above and beyond to set me at ease throughout the process! I recently had breast augmentation and a lift and had been a bundle of nerves leading up to the procedures! I cannot stress enough how EASY the whole process, as well as, my recovery was! Dr. Shaw is a genius and made my entire experience ‘a walk in the park’! I had absolutely NO pain following the surgery and was beyond ecstatic about my results… my experience with Dr. Shaw far exceeded any of my expectations and my new body has me feeling more feminine and secure than I ever imagined possible. My loyalty now lies, without question, with Dr. Shaw’s expertise and very professional staff!”
Another recommends us to her own daughter. She wrote, “I had my breast augmentation from Dr. Shaw in 1995. I have never regretted my choice. I have never had a problem with my implants. My breasts still look great, completely natural. I’ve yet to have them replaced. My daughter is scheduled to have her augmentation on the 15th of Feb. and I wouldn’t feel comfortable trusting her to anyone else.”
Breast augmentation is one of our specialties. Board-certified Dr. Shaw specifically has more than 25 years experience in breast enhancement surgeries, and we use the latest, most innovative techniques to provide our patients the ultimate in satisfaction with their surgery.
We offer superior-medial pedicle breast reduction and breast lift surgery, resulting in a superior overall breast shape and a “dual-plane” — “biplanar” breast augmentation technique. This implant placement gives the benefit of being below the muscle without the implant being too high on the chest. Dr. Shaw uses all available types of both silicone and saline implants when performing breast augmentation surgery. 
We offer a number of breast enhancement procedures including:
Breast augmentation, known as augmentation mammoplasty, which enhances the size of the breasts as well as shape with silicone of saline implants. 
Breast lift, or mastoplexy, involves removing excess skin, repositioning the nipples, reshaping and lifting up sagging or drooping breasts. This procedure can be done simultaneously with a breast augmentation.
Breast reduction is ideal for women whose large breasts cause them neck, back or shoulder pain or restriction of physical activity due to the size and weight of the breast, or whose breasts are sagging due to their weight.
Breast revision refers to breast surgery following a previous breast enhancement surgery to improve shape, symmetry, appearance and feel.
We also offer accredited surgical facilities, high surgical standards and excellent care to our patients seeking any kind of cosmetic surgery or services with us.