Sayonara Spider Veins!

Don’t suffer with spider veins. They can be easily treated with our experts at The SHAW Center.

Spider veins, a common form of vascular malformation, are a result of many things — heredity, obesity, hormonal influences like pregnancy and simply standing on your feet all day. They are the small red, purple and blue vessels easily visible through the skin. They most often make their appearance on the face, neck, chest and legs.
Though less serious than varicose vein disease, spider veins, which are not considered to be a health risk, are still unsightly and can cause men and women to be self conscious about showing off their legs. And spring is just around the corner! Don’t suffer through another swimsuit season with embarrassing spider veins.
The SHAW Center’s resident vein expert Lisa Trotta, R.N., has been treating spider veins for more than 20 years. There are a few options to treat spider veins at The SHAW Center:
IPL (intense pulsed light) ablation – Intense pulsed light treatments are a non-invasive way to eliminate spider veins with a specific setting for optimal results. Improvements can be seen with minimal pain and risk.
VeinWave microwave ablation – This FDA-approved vein treatment works by emitting a high-frequency thermal energy through a very thin needle. The heat causes the wall of the vein – and the blood within – to break down, collapse and disappear without damaging surrounding tissue. Treatments are just 30 minutes long, nearly painless and need no downtime or recover time.
The treatments may be used in conjunction to offer patients the maximum results.