How To Make The Most of Your Downtime
If you undergo a major cosmetic augmentation, there may be some downtime involved in your recovery. Avoid the boredom blues with these fun tips.
Pick up a good book
Chances are you’ve been too busy to do much reading lately. But with a few days off of work or in bed, you can get engrossed in a good novel.
Enjoy the break from the gym
A major surgery may require some time away from the gym. While we’re not encouraging you to go soft on us, it’s okay to take a break from the gym while under doctor’s orders. If your surgeon allows, take a brisk stroll around your neighborhood (or around the mall in inclimate weather.
Get some rest
There isn’t a person out there that couldn’t use a few more hours rest each night. If your procedure requires significant downtime, take advantage of it to catch up on some shut-eye.
Connect with friends
Jump on your computer and send out a few emails to friends you’ve been meaning to connect with over the past few weeks, months or even years!
Don’t freak
Remember that part of the downtime process includes allowing swelling to go down and bruising or cuts to heal. So try not to freak out if you don’t look exactly how you envisioned right after your cosmetic surgery. This is why downtime is required after most major cosmetic surgeries.
Respect the downtime
No matter how long or short your surgeon recommends downtime after any procedure, be sure to heed his advice! Aside from allowing swelling to go down and cuts and bruises to heel, downtime is required to allow you to recover from your procedure. If there are any specific things your doctor requires you to do during your downtime, make sure to follow his instructions to ensure optimal surgery results.