Hair Today, Gone…Today!
With advancement in technology comes more options in hair removal procedures. The SHAW Center is on the cutting edge of this technology – offering its clients three specific choices.
Clients can choose between the Harmony XL and the Soprano XL, both by Alma Lasers and both virtually pain-free, as well the LightSheer Duet.
The Harmony option is a light-based hair removal system with a large rectangular window that emits broad-spectrum light. The energy strikes the hair follicle and destroys the cells area around the follicle that produce hair – all without causing damage beyond the follicle area.
The Soprano option is considered to be “the gold standard” in laser hair removal. This procedure utilizes a diode laser technology resulting in energy penetration deep into the dermis, and the CW pulse technology ensures a more effective result with very little discomfort.
Both of these options from Alma Lasers promise nearly a pain-free procedure with almost no irritation, permanent hair reduction of hair and a very slim chance of side effects.
The third option offered at The SHAW Center is the LightSheer Duet, which implements vacuum-assist technology. The vacuum increases spot size resulting in a quicker procedure. It also reduces treatment time by 75 percent – perfect for you busy patients.
The vacuum technology gently pulls skin to the device, eliminating the pulsing feeling of other laser hair removal treatments. It also ensures more efficient energy delivery at the target hair follicle, thanks to the larger spot size as well as a painless, as well as a more comfortable procedure for you.
If you’re considering laser hair removal but still have questions about which procedure is right for you, make an appointment with a certified specialist at the premier medical spa within The SHAW Center to learn more, discuss concerns and rid yourself of the unwanted chore of daily shaving, waxing or (ouch!) plucking.