Scottsdale °CRYO Pricing

Looking for a way to decrease inflammation, sleep better, boost your energy, relieve pain, stimulate collagen, shorten athletic recovery time and lose weight?


Whole Body Cryotherapy in Scottsdale

The Safest, Most Technologically Advanced Cryosauna Available

At Scottsdale°CRYO your safety is our utmost priority.  That’s why we chose the Cryo XR.  The Cryoinnovations XR Cryosauna is the safest, most technologically advanced cryosauna on the market. Pulse oximetry monitors pulse and blood oxygen levels throughout the session, Dual fingerprint authorization of the Certified operator and the Client is required for operation. A multitude of other safety features are built into the Cryo XR unit.

Cryotherapy at Scottsdale °CRYO exposures the body to subzero temperatures causing a natural anti-inflammatory response, a release of endorphins, reduction in pain, a boost in cellular survival,  and an increase in metabolism to promote overall health. Cryotherapy is a non-invasive alternative for individuals seeking a faster recovery and improved health and more.

Whole Body Cryotherapy Pricing / Packages

Single Session 1 session $50

Intro Package 3 sessions $75 (Expires 1 month after purchase)

Cryo 5 Package 5 sessions ($40/session) $200

Cryo 10 Package 10 sessions ($35/session) $350

Cryo 15 Package 15 Sessions ($30/session) $450

Cryo 25 Package 25 Sessions ($25/session) $625

Monthly Packages Available in our Online Store!

Don’t wait until you’re appointment to register.  Pre-register by filling out the online information, health checklist and consents on your mobile device or pc.  Remember or write down your email address and password.  At your first visit we can register your finger print for future sessions!

Scottsdale°CRYO at The SHAW Center


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