About Cryotherapy at Scottsdale °CRYO at The SHAW Center

Looking for a way to decrease inflammation, sleep better, boost your energy, relieve pain, stimulate collagen, shorten athletic recovery time and lose weight?


Whole Body Cryotherapy in Scottsdale

The Safest, Most Technologically Advanced Cryosauna Available

At Scottsdale°CRYO your safety is our utmost priority.  That’s why we chose the Cryo XR.  The Cryoinnovations XR Cryosauna is the safest, most technologically advanced cryosauna on the market. Pulse oximetry monitors pulse and blood oxygen levels throughout the session, Dual fingerprint authorization of the Certified operator and the Client is required for operation. A multitude of other safety features are built into the Cryo XR unit.

Cryotherapy at Scottsdale °CRYO exposures the body to subzero temperatures causing a natural anti-inflammatory response, a release of endorphins, reduction in pain, a boost in cellular survival,  and an increase in metabolism to promote overall health. Cryotherapy is a non-invasive alternative for individuals seeking a faster recovery and improved health and more.

Woman_in_Chamber About Cryotherapy at Scottsdale °CRYO at The SHAW Center
Scottsdale°CRYO Pre-Registration

You can register on your mobile prior to coming in, or at our kiosk in the registration area.  Go to http://shaw.cryoinnovations.com to register.  During the registration process you will sigh a waivers which confirms whether there are pre-existing conditions that would preclude you from using cryotherapy and that you understand the rules.  CLICK THE LINK BELOW:



Be sure to write down your email and password and bring to your appointment.  Before your first session we will convert to your fingerprint for future sessions.

Chillin’ at Scottsdale °CRYO at The SHAW Center

What to Expect

The Scottsdale°CRYO staff will meet with you to discuss your goals, answer your questions, and prepare you for a comfortable cryotherapy experience. The cryotherapy treatment will be explained to you before beginning your session.

All clients will change into a robe, dry socks, crocks and gloves which we supply. Men and women need to wear underwear. Women can wear a sports bra (no metal) but it is not necessary. Nipple shields are available.



Once you are in your protective clothing, you will enter the cryosauna and begin your treatment.  Your privacy is very important to us. You will remove your robe when you are in the cryosauna and the door is shut. Only your head and neck are visible to the operator doing the entire process. Three minutes goes by quickly and before you know it, you will be feeling the invigorating and healing effects of cryotherapy. 500-800 calories will begin to be generated from the session!

After the treatment ends, while you are still in the tank, your robe will be given back to you and you will then carefully exit the chamber.  You will feel aches and pains dissolve as your body quickly returns to normal temperature. As the brain-releases endorphins you will feel energized and refreshed thet can last up to 8 hours. Most people experience improvement with sleep as well. Continued regular treatment can alleviate symptoms from chronic pain, inflammation, and injuries.


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